Triptcip aims to launch electronic music careers with new creative NFT hub

Triptcip aims to launch electronic music careers with new creative NFT hub

The EDM world has some pretty huge powerhouses that have become household names because of their ability to create original tracks and remix existing music. From David Guetta to the late Avicii, there is no doubt that the fast-paced combination of sounds will forever keep people moving and in a good mood. With continuous advancements in technology, EDM DJs and musicians have embraced a new industry that promises to expand their reach – the world of NFTs.

Dance music superstars like Calvin Harris, Aloe Blacc, Zedd, David Guetta, and Steve Aoki have jumped on the bandwagon of creating NFT (non-fungible tokens) collections and utilizing them to preserve their legacies. The EDM world boasts many big names, but there is no greater name than Avicii, also known as Tim Bergling. According to, when they interviewed Aloe Blacc about the new NFTs he created in partnership with the Tim Bergling Foundation as well as the record label, Blacc’s first answer was:

“I can’t see the future moving forward without allowing Tim’s legacy to touch each part of what’s happening.”

In the world of NFTs and cryptocurrency, there is no greater compliment than to be called “timeless”. The growth in popularity of digital collectibles captured Aloe Blacc’s attention right away, and the Grammy-nominated artist was soon obsessed by the opportunity to make a real difference in the world. Blacc became set on capturing the moment while remembering the life of his late friend and collaborator, Avicii, with a spotlight shining brightly on the NFT space. The goal was to develop an NFT that could raise awareness about mental health concerns while also supporting the Tim Bergling Foundation’s objective. Blacc eventually discovered the secret to realizing his vision.

It all began on Clubhouse, a social media network that has risen to prominence as a hub for disruptive NFT and crypto discussions. As the world of NFTs becomes increasingly crowded, collectors have been on the lookout for something new. “Wake Me Up,” a homage by Blacc and Alpert, has the one-of-a-kind charm of a collectible, instilling confidence in its owner that they own a piece of dance music history. Every time you look at it, you’ll notice something new, just as Avicii did every time he saw a piano and composed an ageless melody.

Zedd was also on a mission to create something that stands out, so he decided to create “the best NFT there is.” The stunning visuals take people on a journey through smaller rooms and environments set to Zedd’s signature sounds. The Grammy-winning artist revealed in his announcement that he had planned to use only one part as a soundtrack for the video at first. However, after witnessing the final product, he decided to go back to change things up. The end product is a melody that transforms with the visual settings, perfectly framing each scene’s mood and tone. The camera brings people into one of the rooms at the end of the tour, a large ecosystem consisting of islands hovering in the sky.

Another famous dance music icon who has created art with NFTs is David Guetta. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, he performed his first “United At Home” livestream DJ set for charity in Miami, where he raised $700,000 for relief efforts. One year later, he announced that he was going to drop an NFT to commemorate the Miami stream and all proceeds would benefit UNICEF and Feeding America.

While it seems that only the big names are benefitting from NFTs, this technology actually gives smaller artists the ability to have ownership over their music. NFTs also give these artists freedom to make the type of music they want without being policed by the radio, streaming platforms, or representatives from a record label. Calvin Harris believes that every musician, regardless of their size and influence, needs to make a bigger deal when it comes to NFTs because this technology could completely revolutionize the music industry.

In an effort to give every music creator and EDM producer a chance to be part of this new revolution, Triptcip has developed a creative NFT hub for electronic music. This NFT hub is designed to solve the problems that music artists are currently facing. As mentioned previously, most artists had to rely on middlemen to deal with everything from creating visuals to distribution. Now, with Triptcip, it is possible for music acts to create stunning visuals for their music without having to rely on visual artists and auction them off to generate an independent income stream.

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Triptcip has developed a unique visual sequencing tool – Void – which lets music artists create dynamic, trippy visual for their music without leaving their browser. Void is a lot of fun and a creativity gold mine. The tool offers over 7,000 customizable, psychedelic visuals, which can all be blended, tweaked, mixed, and looped in interesting ways. The upcoming expansion for integrating images, 3D models, and text, will provide even more flexibility for artists to create truly unique visual experiences.

The Triptcip team is comprised of dedicated web and crypto developers with a passion for electronic music, music production, visual art and cryptocurrency. Their mission is to liberate artists and create a unique experience by combining the worlds of music and crypto. Currently, their hub is fully built and will launch in July 2021. Triptcip is poised to become an NFT host platform for the many talented electronic music artists out there.

While NFT technology is still in its very early stages, it has great potential and all that the experts need to do need to do is adopt and improve on it. The music industry is currently at a crossroads and there are plenty of directions it can go, especially digitally. A lot of artists want to be represented more, either financially or creatively, and NFTs have the potential to solve that problem.

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