Valiance Leads To Victory by Usman Rao

Valiance Leads To Victory by Usman Rao

Usman Rao is a young blossoming Entrepreneur, an Author, a YouTuber and Pr expert. He is prominent for his stupendous startup named as Jelly143, an education plus networking forum. Since the time he was an adolescent, his mind quenched his passion by creating a platform for reinforcing others. Usman had a profound interest in education and networking, which made him an PR expert, entrepreneur and educationalist. Usman in consistently working to captivate a change in the present educational system by building an innovative platform for everyone. He is bestowed with terrific awards and recognitions for his work as an entrepreneur and educationalist, Usman’s name added top 10 Youngests Entrepreneurs of Uttar Pradesh 2020.

He says if you are still confused about what you want to become in the future, Your family says become a doctor, your friends says become a actor, Your Relatives says become a IAS, but have you ever listened to your heart what it wants so don’t listen to the world be what you want to be, Then the world say anything we should to live life we must understand life, All the people who is successful did not succeed in the night they have hard worked if you too work hard for a day or two and think that it has failed, then you are wrong it would take years to succeed Usman added Usman Rao is also a writer, he has written “Digital marketing 28 din challenge” , “Danish zehen biography” , “Living the dreams”, “The Read mind” etc.

Usman Rao his entrepreneurship journey by starting a small media marketing company Jelly143 that helped small businesses generate a strong online presence. He used different marketing tools such as social media platforms, SEO, Advertising to increase their brand awareness and online presence.

Usman is committed to furnished his education ,that can help an individual to become the best version of himself. Through his entrepreneurial skills has redefined the label and myths that society preaches. He is leading the young minds through his commitment to squeeze out the best upshots. Many institutions nowadays are creating a false image of education by bribing the money of the parents that makes it hard a choice to distinguish the illusions from the practical knowledge but through Usman and his platform Inclick, anybody can enjoy the ultimate essence of education from any corner of the world and rest remains assured that this educational experience will direct his students to fruitful and mesmerizing outcomes.

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