Values and Need of ISUC in this modern age

Values and Need of ISUC in this modern age

International Standard University Code: (ISUC) Which intended to use by educational activity institutions. hoping on the core system of ISE (UK) which is ISCN, the ISUC may be a direct derivation from ISCN & Estid systems but ISUC specified for an academic institution, moreover the globally unified algorithm will addressing the tutorial institutions, all round the world.

One of the most services provided by the international standardized system for documentation consists of two letters and two numbers and aims to encode universities and provides them a unified international reference that forestalls confusion and ambiguity because it can not be repeated and ensures that the schools that are coded are real, not fake, it’s licensed within the scope of its work by the competent authority in this country and this coding shall be within the variety of a code linked to QR to facilitate its reading.

The Estid consists of 12 to 13 characters with four main parts because the following structure:  Part I: consists of an Acronym that represents the institution issuing country. Part 2: consists of three digits (uppercase) representing the arena of the institution (institution activity), for example; educational sector, governmental sector, commercial sector, services sector and organizational, abbreviated as (EDU, GOV, COM, SRV, ORG) respectively. Part 3: consists of three digits (uppercase) reflects the institution’s active field. Part 4: consists of 4 characters (the first two characters are letters and therefore the rest are numbers) representing the international unified number of the issuing authority within the system database “Establishment International ID”.

Values & Need

This writing provides a collection of advantages, just like the following:  Increasing reliability locally and internationally. Combating fraudulent certificates, fake competencies and manipulating documents, and facilitating their direct verification. Facilitating the task of providing educational services, especially remote education on a bigger scale. Obtaining a quick and easy-to-read International ID. Protecting the documents issued by the university. Helping universities deal in accordance with the worldwide trend towards automation and technology.

Documentation of university employees and workers. Saving time, cost and energy for the university and people coping with the university. Establishing a portal to verify the authenticity of documents, which can contribute to combating forgery. Joining the institutional contact centre, which enables universities to speak and correspond directly. Provide documented contact addresses for all universities and issue an electronic directory that’s automatically updated on an ongoing basis. Making open data available by counting the amount of graduates in various disciplines, analyzing it and linking it to the fact of need.

Providing channels of communication between major companies and universities for the aim of supplying the market with graduates and feedback. Get the evaluation portal for university performance and obtain the feedback easily. Creating a network database for joint research project in an exceedingly participatory manner to reinforce the truth of research globally. Establishing direct communication channels between all concerned parties (students, cultural attachés, educational institutions and ministries concerned with university documents in complete confidentiality, with less time, effort, and saving cost).

After that we’ve to say all parties within the world have the aim & the flexibility to combating the forgery and therefore the ambiguity of Certificates, Universities, Institutions which are the infrastructure for any economy within the world, so we could do this together just by joining these systems. It remains to be mentioned of these systems owned and powered by International standards Establishment, In UK.