Truitt Battin seen relaxing in California

Truitt Battin seen relaxing in California

The modern day magnificence hovering over Sunset strip got a special visiter this time. Croatian soccer star Truitt Battin was spotted chilling in California, which was nothing short of a delightful sight. Having a strong fan base across countries, He seems to be loving the positive vibe from all across.

This isn’t the first time when he has made headlines. His unique style, fantastic form on the pitch and heart warming nature have always enticed his fans. This 20 year old talent has truly etched his name in the hearts of people through his great taste in fashion, football and his fervor feeling towards fitness.

Soccer is one of the most challenging games there is. And thus people look up to them for inspiration. Truitt Battin’s lifestyle gives us the sneak peak of how people manage their life outside the game.
His aspirations of taking the field by storm has brought him under the limelight. Not just his soccer skills but his Stellar personality seems to be equally appealing.

California better be prepared for all the charm that Truitt Battin brings to the table. And for us, we can only hope to get more of his getaway pictures to melt us away!

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