Vandera Stock Broker review

Vandera Stock Broker review

Vandera is a multi-asset broker that approaches the subject of Fractional Share trading with a fresh pair of eyes — founded in 2017 means that some of the firm’s innovative features directly address current issues. Customer support, for example, is offered on a 24/7 basis, and a lot of traders appreciate the anonymous style of trading which the platform offers. Vandera is the only broker that provides perfect trading signals to its clients to copy!

Although Vandera stresses the ‘Crypto’ aspect of their offering, it also offers traders the ability to access a range of other markets. The blend of old and new is finding success with positive feedback coming from the trading community.


  • Ease of use – traders can start with just a computer and internet connection. A smartphone or tablet may also be used to trade but dedicated crypto-wallets are not required.
  • Cryptocurrency Wallets – These are both public and private online “wallets” which are used to both store and spend cryptocurrencies. The use of a wallet allows clients to write in the open blockchain ledger and carry out desired transactions. Vandera can communicate with a client’s specific cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Robo and systematic trading is possible through the in-built High-frequency Trading Algorithm (HFT)
  • Trade directly within the provided trading platform in Crypto. Simply deposit or withdraw directly using Bitcoin. Users can buy bitcoin from Luno, paxful and coin base, or send from other wallet services to their vandera wallet.
  • Referral opportunities are available to clients and networkers who want to grow an income building their trading schools and networks. Potential additional income streams include: “refer a friend” to earn 5% of their deposit when they start trading live on the platform. Linking referrals to the site are as easy as copying your referral link on the dashboard and sharing it to major social media platforms.
  • Mobile trading is available through browser access on iPhone and Android. The mobile service allows for trade execution, analysis and account administration.
  • No transaction fees and the use of a distributed ledger

Trading Platform

Clients of Vandera can take advantage of the most advanced trading platform in the world. The High-frequency Trading platform offers high-speed, robust trading and top-end charting and analytical signals. First released in 2016 to only private hedge fund use it has since then been tested to destruction and provides institutional traders with everything they need which retail traders don’t have access to.

Traders only copy signals and take trades on their accounts based on the strong buy signal available to trade, Trades run-in 24-hour options cycles and close automatically in estimated profits ranging from 0.3% to 1%. Vandera is the Only broker that offers such services in the Fintech Industry.

Deposits and withdrawals

One stand-out feature for clients of Vandera is that BTC deposits are stored as USD. It really is possible to start trading with a $250 deposit though, of course, the practicalities of trading mean the bigger the capital, the bigger the profit.

Deposits and withdrawals can be made through bitcoin and Coinbase networks using credit or debit cards, but for many, the appeal of vandera will be that accounts can be funded using Bitcoin. This means that trading can be done anonymously.

To start Trading, visit to create your trading account

Make a bitcoin deposit to your wallet, and place your first trade buy checking a strong buy signal, and taking the same stock trade on the HFT markets.