Varun Attri: The creative mind and compassionate soul charting his success story like no other.

Varun Attri: The creative mind and compassionate soul charting his success story like no other.

There is a reason why he is known as a trendsetter in the salon space and now looks forward to giving franchises in his name.

Having the right set of knowledge is sometimes not enough to lead people to their definition of success. Most often, it is a combination of qualities that lead people beyond what they expect out from themselves. It is, of course, the right knowledge, but combined with the love for one’s work, pure skills, right techniques, and determination that lead individuals to become extraordinary talents in their industries. Who better than Varun Attri to serve as an example here as a man of power, knowledge, and influence, making his name prominent in the salon industry as a one-of-a-kind hairstylist-entrepreneur and now even a mentor, inspiration, and philanthropist.

The young Indian talent from New Delhi always knew that to stay ahead of others or make his name known in the salon world, he would have to take giant strides in the industry, and that’s what he did over the years, working with several known brands, gaining great experiences and putting all of that into action for venturing into entrepreneurship with his brand “VA Products” and his salon “Varun Attri unisex Salon.” He has not just made his name by the enormous number of clients he has gained nationally and internationally, consisting of celebrities and models as well, but has also won hearts with his compassionate works for society, working with charities and NGOs to make a difference in the lives of the lower-income groups by spreading his knowledge and helping them build their careers in the industry.

The expert in hairstyling, nail art, makeup, and beauty has gained the trust of his clients, which has what dragged him forward to the forefront of the salon industry. He is a mentor today, providing quality education to others by teaching students the best international skills and techniques through his masterclasses to lead them towards creating robust careers in the salon space. His constant success has now motivated him to give franchises in his name so that his brand name expands across the world.

Varun Attri has won hearts in every way possible in the industry. To find out more, follow him on Instagram @v_attri.