If a name and face had been given to a person who is an icon of dedication and hard work, that is none other than Nirmal Singh

If a name and face had been given to a person who is an icon of dedication and hard work, that is none other than Nirmal Singh

A youth icon and Body-Building Superstar, Nirmal Singh is a profound name in the industry of fruitful Body Transformations.

“You can’t get results if your brain is not connected with your muscles; stop ego lifting and focus on the right weight that will do your workout correctly,” says Nirmal, who is also famous by the name NirmalFitness. Nirmal hails from New Delhi and is 32 years old Mr. Delhi and Mr. India who is a certified Personal Trainer, Athlete, Influencer, and Entrepreneur. This Hunk is 5 feet 11 inches tall whose 512K followers on Instagram speak much about his popularity. 

Nirmal’s fitness journey initiated in 2010, and since then, he has never looked back. The starting five years were memorable for him as he gained a lot of popularity and appreciation by training thousands of people. He has gained a lot of experience to date, and therefore in 2019, he started his own company named NirmalFitness. He owns a website called nirmalfitness.com which he has launched recently and where anyone can come and watch online – the knowhows of Fitness and Body Building. 

“Of course, it’s hard. It’s supposed to be that way. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Hard is what makes it great!” quotes Nirmal. His online fitness programs are magical, wherein he has helped a lot of people Lose Weight, Gain Weight, Gain Muscle Mass and Lose Fat at affordable prices. The programs also incorporate Diet Plans, Workout Plans, Supplements Guidance, and Athletic Body Secrets. 

Bodybuilding is a hard nut to crack, but this is not the case with Nirmal. He adopts an entertaining and creative approach to training individuals, whether One-on-One Instructional Meetings, Bunch Meetings, or an Online Preparation Program. His unique training technique is capable of producing individuals who can take part and win Classic Bodybuilding, Men Physique, Bikini Model, Power Lifting and Bodybuilding Competitions, and so forth.

“I want to get individuals Up and Moving. Motivation is a powerful tool,” speaks Nirmal as he thinks that everyone deserves a healthy lifestyle, and it is only motivation that can help them achieve extraordinary results. “I don’t want to force people for anything; I want to make fitness come easy for everyone and I will definitely succeed in my dream.” Nirmal’s offline and online programs are equally plentiful and result-oriented. His online programs of body fitness went viral during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown as people did not need to go to the gym for their workout, and this gained much attention.

Wake up. Work out. Look hot. Kickass.