Vivek Patni: A man behind Wondercement

Vivek Patni: A man behind Wondercement

To get into the vast entrepreneurial world today is no walk in the park. It may even take years for individuals to first realize what their heart seeks and then make pertinent efforts to reach their business goals. “Entrepreneurship is something that challenges you every day, but can also give you the most fulfillment when you get nearer your goals,” says Vivek Patni, a young mind and man who today serves as the proud Director of Wonder Cements, achieving wondrous achievements through their modern-day approaches and strategies in the vast cement industry.

In India, the cement production capacity is expected to rise to 550 MT by the year 2025. This rise is the result of the increasing demand in various sectors like commercial construction, housing, industrial construction and it is believed that the cement industry will reach 550-600 MT per annum by the year 2025. Wonder Cement, a cement manufacturing company, enriched with the heritage of R.K Marble, is growing rapidly across this ever-growing and evolving cement industry, where its cement plant is based in Nimbahera, District Chittorgarh in Rajasthan. It has three production lines with the capacity to produce 9.50 Million Tons Per Annum (MTPA) of clinker. Its cement manufacturing capacity has also increased to 11 MTPA with its grinding units in Dhule, Maharashtra and Bhadnawar, Madhya Pradesh, with the capacity of 2 MTPA each. Wonder Cement is on its way towards its third grinding unit in Jhajjar, Haryana.

Vivek Patni, who still is in his late twenties, serves as the Director of this rapidly growing cement firm Wonder Cement. His new approaches, methods and strategies in business have attracted many in the industry and have also inspired many other aspiring entrepreneurs in the sector. Talking about the revival of the construction sector after the pandemic, Vivek Patni says that they have noticed the revival from October-December 2020 quarter with the capacity utilization in the range from 65% to 75% across India. And, specifically in the North region, their capacity utilization would be in the range of 75%.

Vivek Patni also points out how the IT sector impacted the cement industry and said that many new processes have seen to be automated. Very soon, the industry will also will also adopt tools that can help in sales monitoring and strengthening the sales force for generating more leads and converting the sales. It is getting nearer to paperless operations, says the young business personality. Vivek Patni takes care of all the operations aspects of his business, human and corporate affairs and makes key policy decisions for further growing the company to newer heights in the sector.

He has gained great momentum as a personality on social media as well, with his increasing number of followers each passing day. To leverage the digital space, the young Director also says that they have been making great digital campaigns for Wonder Cement, which has helped them connect more with people and increased more buzz around them.

He leads the branding, marketing and communications sections of the firm and has been bestowed with many awards as well for his incredible work ethics and feats he has garnered in business so far. To know more, follow him on Instagram @vivekptn1 and visit the website,