Why Customers Continued to Flock to Afrostylicity Even amidst the Global Pandemic

Why Customers Continued to Flock to Afrostylicity Even amidst the Global Pandemic

The current pandemic has affected everyone from all walks of life. Big businesses and small businesses have been struck alike. Even with everything on a prolonged road to recovery, the future seems uncertain. Yet, it is noteworthy that some people are making greater efforts to bounce back. While social media influencers everywhere are getting hit hard by the pandemic, it is reassuring to hear digital platforms like Afrostylicity still maintaining a foothold on their social media and able to generate sales amidst widespread social distancing. 

Nyargem, the creator of Afrostylicity, is a fashion, travel and lifestyle influencer, content creator, and blogger. She has one of those stories that showcase a search for one’s passions and then achieving those dreams. Nyargem finished her MBA before starting work in healthcare administration. After working there, she began Afrostylicity with her fiancé Hugh, also a social media influencer. Afrostylicity began in 2016. It takes Nyargem’s passion further by being a digital platform that showcases fashion, travel, and lifestyle gems while connecting brands to consumers. She always believed in her creative side and loved trying out new products and recommending them to everyone. That is what led to the creation of Afrostylicity. It served as a way to get more authentic reviews on products, which reinforces Afrostylicity’s emphasis on authenticity.

Afrostylicity makes sure that brands live up to their promises and deliver on quality. They want to get the best brands out there for their consumers. Afrostylicity, therefore, authenticates all products before they are recommended to consumers. This practice bolsters consumer loyalty to brands. 

Customers continued to flock to Afrostylicity, even during the current global crisis. While the crisis has led to a drastic decrease in revenue through paid product campaigns, sales continued to soar as customers frequented the platform, and transacted online. In this manner, Afrostylicity leveraged their strong digital presence and social media platforms to flourish amidst the pandemic, while promoting social distancing.

Nyargem has her blog that features links to different products that are being reviewed. Customers have faith in her recommendations, as well as her in-depth product knowledge. 

Afrostylicity is now working in tandem with retailers of mass-market products to grow reliance on e-commerce shopping and increase revenue for fashion, fitness, and health products. Indeed, this is an exciting time to experiment with the new.