Vorsham, the Popular British-Iranian Rapper , is now gathering Talented Artists to grow

Vorsham, the Popular British-Iranian Rapper , is now gathering Talented Artists to grow

Self made British-Iranian Rapper Vorsham, though considered a new crop of Persian Hip-Hop scene, already has more than 14 song releases since he started in the beginning of 2018. He has gained many fans across the world who have been over a million times on the leading Persian music platform, Radio Javan, and other music platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, etc.

Vorsham is followed by many on social media platforms like Instagram. He has many song teasers which feature him in fast cars, by the poolside, in his studio depicting how much he has earned following his passion and dream of making music that plays in clubs, during road trips and in cars.

Mahan Mehrani is Vorsham’s real name and he has been inclined towards music since childhood when he used to play guitar and piano and then took it up professionally in 2017 by the age of 15. He has also created opportunities for others by training them and investing in their music projects.

Mahan collaborated with Rezo Memo, a local Rapper and his best friend in Germany to make his first album. Both produced many unofficial singles that didn’t release. 2018 saw him collaborating with Nima Nimosh, very well-known Persian rappers and in 2019 he released a song called “Lat Majazi” produced by a known producer Alireza JJ.

This got him the opportunity to be featured in “Ex Girlfriend” engineered by the Shervin Raadfar who the same music group with very popular Iranian rapper called Yas. which made him more popular among all Iranian people.

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