Votto helps the Reds win their ninth straight game and reclaim first place.

Votto helps the Reds win their ninth straight game and reclaim first place.

CINCINNATI — Joey Votto said that he was just trying to get some playing time after spending 72 games on the injured list.

Votto’s position appears secure from a single game.

In front of a crowd of 20,344 on Monday night at Great American Ball Park, he hit a home run and a two-run single to give the Reds their ninth win in a row, a 5-4 victory over the Colorado Rockies.

The crowd chanted “Joey, Joey, Joey!” when the single was released.

With the triumph and the Brewers’ misfortune to the D-backs, the Reds (38-35) moved into the lead position in the Public Association Focal. Since their 10-game winning streak from July 19-29, 2012, this is the Reds’ longest winning streak.

He declared, “I’m a Cincinnati Red.” I was watching a team that was trying to win the NL Central. This is our objective. Naturally, one step at a time. This is our goal when we play. As a Red, I can see them ruining games. I’m happy for my men. These are great fellows. They are so simple to support.

“I’m glad. The previous two months have been fantastic.

On a new team, Votto, 39, is the veteran. He’ll just try to fit in and get some playing time.

David Bell, the manager of the Reds, stated, “He has fully [immersed] himself.” He always has done that. But despite his injury, he found a way to stay in touch with our team: he talks to guys individually and in the clubhouse to stay in touch. Everything is crucial.

“Performing is the best way to fit in, as far as fitting in is concerned.”

Votto has forever been easygoing to the extent that administration. He isn’t normally a vocal person. However, his work ethic serves as a model.

Votto stated, “I think about performing every day.” That vulnerability – – that is likely the most thrilling part. Regarding my position, that is the one aspect that stands out to me. You would need to inquire about my current and former teammates’ perceptions of me.

“I have absolutely no confidence speaking about mentoring or leadership. That tone has never been heard before. You shouldn’t take that. It is something that you are given. One of the guys is me. Since joining the league, I have been. I have always been the man. That’s something I’m proud of.”

To be back in the lineup pleased Votto.

He stated, “I miss competing in a healthy way.” I have always done that throughout my adult life. Competing just excites me. That excites me. You become more dependent on it as it gets more difficult. You realize that this could be taken away from you as you gain more distance. This does not just appear to you by chance.

Since Votto had been hitting since the beginning of Spring Training, he was surprised that it took so long for him to return.

Votto stated, “It was hard to get up to Major League game speed after this.” This is a terrible injury. Although I’m not a 500-homer guy, almost all of the guys have their dominant arm in their back arm when they are batting.

“If your back arm is weak, that’s their back arm, the power arm,” David Ortiz, Hank Aaron, and Ken Griffey Jr. said.

Votto asserts that he is close to being completely healthy.

He declared, “I feel good.” My hand caused most of the problem. The problem was in the biceps. My hand and elbow were experiencing discomfort as a result. I couldn’t hold onto the bat. I could not practice.

I no longer consider practice. I’m back to the crush mode. I enter the cage and attempt to strike the ball. I’m trying to work toward a particular hitting goal. I’m there or very close to it.”

Votto will attempt once more to blend in with the young, aggressive team.

Votto stated, “Baserunning — I try to run every ball out to get my conditioning up.” Run out every fly ball, ground ball, and attempt to steal bases just so you can fit in. From one to three. thrown balls. withstand a double play. This culture includes all of these things. Until the end of my career, I want to wear a Reds uniform.

“That is the culture.”