Wellington teen running 200 miles to secure environment

Wellington teen running 200 miles to secure environment

A young person from Wellington is preparing to run seven long distance races in seven days crosswise over Florida to bring issues to light about the environment.

Charlie Richardson has been running since he was in primary school.

“It’s a good resetter for me,” said Richardson, who moved on from Wellington High School.

Presently the 18-year-old is pursuing a dream and beating the asphalt inside Okeeheelee Park, preparing for not your common exercise.

“This is our home, so if we can’t save our home the future generations that follow us are at risk,” Richardson said.

Richardson is wanting to keep running from Daytona Beach to Clearwater in December. That is 200 miles in a single week.

“The run is going to be split up over seven days, which is why I’m calling it seven in seven,” Richardson said.

Everything started when Richardson began seeing litter and garbage on his runs.

“I actually counted on a five-mile run, there was like 42 pieces of garbage,” Charlie said.

Richardson is additionally sorting out sea shore cleanups paving the way to his run, and he’s creation week after week YouTube recordings about approaches to diminish your carbon footprint.

Richardson is searching for others to go along with him, and he’s hoping to enable individuals to change their day by day habits.

“Ultimately, the smallest change I hope to spark in people is they recycle a little bit more and use a little bit less,” Richardson said.

After the run, Charlie will begin school at the University of Florida, where he’ll study computer programming. He additionally plans to go for the Gators cross country group.