What Inspired Nisha Kapoor To Paint Unique, Vivid Art

What Inspired Nisha Kapoor To Paint Unique, Vivid Art

Every artist has a source of inspiration for their art. The environment, people around us, and even their emotions can influence the way they create pieces. But for Indian artist Nisha Kapoor, the metaphysical world serves as the main inspiration for making art. 

“My works speak of my inner world which is trance-like, deep, and mystic, yet blissful, and illuminated,” she said. 

Art critics and collectors regard all of her works as unique and speak of a mystic, psychedelic, and deep dream effect. She has even received recognition from world-famous platforms and galleries. 

Just recently, Nisha has received the Collector’s Vision International Art Award from the Contemporary Art Curator Magazine, which celebrates current artists who share their talent and heritage with the world.

Inspired By The Metaphysical World 

Nisha started painting about two years ago. After spending the day in a spa in a parlor, she fell into a state of deep sleep where she started having lucid 5D dreams that gave her a glimpse of captivating, out-of-this-world visions and images. 

For more than a decade, Nisha has been having a lot of metaphysical experiences where she falls into a trance and gets lucid dreams. She has also experienced levitating and being transported into a 5D world. 

But that particular moment was unlike her prior experiences because this event was so compelling that she felt the need to draw what she saw the moment she came home. 

“My body physically could not resist drawing. And that is how I started drawing –just two years ago. I was always in a corporate job and started painting alongside after this incident,” Nisha explained. 

There Are No Rules For Art

Other aspiring artists are also looking to make it in the world of art. And to make themselves stand out from the rest, they are advised to be original. But Nisha has another take on the usual advice. 

“I say to be you. When translated to art means even if you don’t have an original style and learn from others, that’s okay; just be you,” she said. 

She added that art is an expression and it can be inspired or novel. For her, there are no rules for how art should be done. 

Nisha Kapoor serves as an ideal example that inspiration can come from everywhere, even in a world that transcends the physical. Her work also encourages other artists to be true to themselves as it can be their ticket to becoming recognized in the art world. 
Learn more about Nisha Kapoor on her Instagram account (@errtistic).