What is Maharashtrian Jewelry? Top Maharashtrian Jewelry Ornaments

What is Maharashtrian Jewelry? Top Maharashtrian Jewelry Ornaments

Maharashtra is the state in India, which has the rich cultural heritage, that dates back thousands of years. With the rich cultural heritage and the multiple cultural influences, it has the wide variety of food, traditions, and, most importantly, the jewellery. The Maharashtrian Jewelry is considered as one of the best in the world. Being made with the whole gold in the purest form, it is suitable for every occasion. If you have no information about the Maharashtrian Jewelry, then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to share all of the information that you may require about the Maharashtrian Jewelry.

Best Traditional Maharashtrian Jewelry Ornaments

Every Maharashtrian woman has the set of traditional Maharashtrian Jewelry in her collection. It is one of the most important parts of the culture to have traditional jewellery. Here are some of the most common and traditional Maharashtrian Jewelry Ornaments, that you cannot miss at all.

#1 – Nath

Nath or Nathni is the typical Maharashtrian Gold Ornament, which is worn by almost every woman on auspicious occasions. Nathan is common in other parts of India as well. It is commonly known as Nose Ring and is worn on the auspicious occasions only. It is made with thin gold wire and studded with Pearls or Diamonds.

#2 – Mohan Mala

The Mohan Mala is one of the most expensive and Beautiful Maharashtrian Gold Jewelry. It is made with pure gold and has a minimum design. It is nothing but the Necklace or the gold chain with big gold Beads that have the striped design. Due to the use of solid gold, it is very heavy and on the expensive side.

#3 – Lakshmi Haar

Lakshmi Haar is another most popular type of Necklace worn by Maharashtrian Women. It is made with the gold coins, and the coins have the images of Goddess Lakshmi Embossed on it. Usually, it is used in the goddess temples to decorate the Goddess regularly, but the women wear it on the auspicious occasions like Marriage, Religious functions, and others.

#4 – Ear Cuffs

Gone the days when almost every Maharashtrian women used to wear the beautiful Ear Cuffs. In recent days, the women are wearing the Ear Cuffs along with Earrings on the auspicious occasions. The Ear cuffs are specially made with the Pure gold, diamonds, or Pearls to make them look beautiful. Some women get them customized with colorful Pearls or the gemstones.

#5 – Maharashtrian Bangles

Maharashtrian Gold Bangles are way different than the Bangles from other parts of India. The Maharashtrian bangles are quite heavy, have intricate designs, and sometimes they do have the diamonds studded onto them. If you ask me, Maharashtrian Bangles are the heaviest, and almost every woman in Maharashtra has the set of bangles to wear and the auspicious function, paired with the ethnic outfit.

#6 – Moti Haar

Moti haar is a Traditional Choker Necklace made with Pure Gold and Pearls. It is usually worn by super-rich families and in the past, by the royal families. It is not possible for middle-class families to afford the Moti haar.