The north of Israel, also called the Galilee, is characterized by different spots to visit in Israel. With so much magnificence, history, and culture this area of Israel has to offer, you will be impatiently anticipating your visit to experience the wonders of northern Israel.

To make the best out of your time, and considering the multitude and plentitude of activities and places you can visit in northern Israel, we suggest you narrow down your options to those that attract you the most. As for places to visit, we got that covered for you to truly grasp it when we tell you that northern Israel is well worthy of visiting!


Haifa is basically the capital of Northern Israel. It is Israel’s third-biggest city. This city is the ‘San Francisco of Israel’, therefore, prepare yourself to get fascinated by what this city has to offer.


Humans have occupied the Sea of Galilee and its surroundings for many centuries, and it shows! This lake is flooding, in terms of water and of history as well, particularly when it comes to its significance in Christianity, reflected by the times it was referred to in the New Testament.

Golan Heights

In the Golan Heights, on the opposite side of the Sea of Galilee, is located Gamla, a tremendous nature reserve. This wonderful site is home to birds under the careful gaze of specialists. Additionally, there is Mount Hermon, the tallest top in Israel when you can ski.

The Northern Coastline

The Western Galilee or Northern Mediterranean Coast is altogether different from the thickly populated coastline that can be discovered further south, close Tel Aviv. The Western Galilee is loaded with lovely inlets, towns (Akko for instance), a crusader port which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Rosh Hanikra where astounding grottoes have been cut into the bluffs by the power of the ocean over the years.

Of course, deciding on activities and places to visit is not enough, since you will also need accommodation in the Sea of Galilee to make your stay there perfect. Here are some suggestions we got for you:

Isrotel MizpeHayamim Spa Hotel

MizpeHayamim offers a spa, pool, and all-encompassing porches sitting above the Galilee. Besides, this hotel will allow you to relax in the embrace of nature, where it is located.

Inn in Tiberias

Found 656 feet from the shores of the Sea of Galilee, its panorama has a loosening up porch with a view on the lake. It provides its visitors with traditionally outfitted rooms and free wifi all through the lodging.

Eden Hotel

Set in a twentieth-century authentic structure in the focal point of Haifa, the family-run Eden Hotel offers free stopping, attractive facilities, and a wonderful local experience.