What to Ask When Hiring Patio Pavers Contractors?

What to Ask When Hiring Patio Pavers Contractors?

Do you know, even a small mistake during the paver patio installation process, can destroy hours of hard work and money? Yes, you read it right, if you fail to hire the right contractor for paver patio installation then there is a 98% chance that you will face issues with drainage and uneven settings. It will also compromise the foundation of your beautiful house.

This is why it is very important to choose the right and expert contractor like McCoy Landscape Services, one of the best and reliable contractors who will handle the paver patio installation process professionally and beautifully.

A reputable paver patio Delaware contractor will give importance to the following points.

  • The patio must have a little sloppy effect for water drainage. For every 4 feet of patio, there must be an inch of sloppy effect.
  • The layer of each foundation must be compacted. It must include a geo-fabric layer between the crushed stone and sub-surface, to avoid sinking and prevent weeds.
  • Subsoil must be compacted before the base materials are laid.
  • Joint sand must be filled between the spaces so that they hold it strong and fits the place rightly.
  • A sands’ layer must be topped off, during the foundation process.
  • Make sure to use the edgings, to support the pavers in their place.

During the designing selection process, if you take care to ask a few questions to your contractor, it will help you in a long way and promise you a successful project.

These questions will not only clear your doubts but also know how good and eligible your contractor is. If you find your contractor, giving you unsatisfactory answers, or is not sure of it, then you can still think of opting for other abled contractors. The questions are as follows.

  1. Are you insured or bonded?

A professional company will always carry its liability insurance. If the company has employees, then they must have compensation insurance for the workers. This is very important as you do not want to spend heavily on other’s mistakes and accidents. During the course, if any unfavored situations are met, you can be relaxed as it will be handled by the company.

  1. Are you Licensed?

If you want to complete the installation process in the right and secured way, then make sure your contractor is licensed. You sure would not like to get caught in any legal actions. The license also acts as proof of the authentication of the company, their training, eligibility, and experience.

  1. Do you give a work schedule?

A professional contractor will make sure to give you the work schedule, which is the information of the starting time and day of the project. They will give you a complete detail of the crew working’s hours and the days required to complete the project.

  1. Do you guarantee your work?

A professional contractor will not charge you for the repairs for a certain period of time. It must act as a contract that must state free repairing cost. Also, ensure, you get the contract written and not just by any means of words or handshakes.

  1. What will be the estimation?

You must know the estimated cost for the installation of a paver patio. Only then you will be able to decide with the proceedings and whether it suits your budget. Unless you do not mind spending huge, if your contractor fails to give the estimation cost, you can always lookout for the one that gives you the actual fixed price for the installation job.

  1. How will you help me in designing the patio space?

Proper designing is very important and it must take care of all the long-term and short-term needs. Your contractor must work according to your needs and convenience. He must never compromise your requirements for any designing ideas, for the priority lies in how you want to use your patio.

  1. How will the preparation of the patio foundation be?

Details are very important and so is the foundation process. If you get to know the quality of the foundation process, then you will be assured of its durability and work quality. The foundation decides how sturdy and strong the work will be, and its success and failures.

Therefore, if you keep a note to ask the above basic questions to your contractor, then you can be assured of the quality work, thereby saving time and money.