Tips to Maintain your Tomball, TX Furnace in Excellent Condition!

Tips to Maintain your Tomball, TX Furnace in Excellent Condition!

The furnace gets busy when the night hours start to get cold, the sun sets early and the weather cools. If you are having an old furnace, you have to check whether it is functioning efficiently or not. It is the time where you have to keep the house cozy and warm for the forthcoming months. If you have obtained furnace maintenance or furnace repair Tomball, TX a long time back, then you have to call the experts like Wrightway Comfort. Not all maintenances and repair can be performed on their own. We suggest contacting the leading heater repair professionals in Tomball, TX for quality services.

Also, we have shared exclusive and unique tips that will help in keeping the furnace in excellent condition. It is recommended to follow these tips from day one of furnace or heater installation in Tomball, TX.

Ensure proper ventilation:

Ensure that the exhaust and intake pipes are free from ice, debris, leaves, nests, and other kinds of potential blockage. Are you finding it hard to evaluate these regions on your own? Well, you have to approach a leading heater repair engineer as they inspect in and out thoroughly.

Check the ducts and vents:

Evaluate all the vents and ducts and see whether they remain open and clear. It should not be blocked by curtains, rugs, furniture, etc. Check the ducts, be it, you have set up in the basement or attic for blockage. Also, ensure it does not have obvious holes or cracks. If you are not finding it up to mark, you can call the engineers and get the ducts sealed and cleaned especially when they have been done several years back.

Check the thermostat:

When you turning on the unit after a long time, you have to see whether the thermostat settings are perfect. It should be set up at the ideal temperature. When you turning it on, select the heat option and evaluate how it is functioning. If you do not own a programmable thermostat, you have to purchase one. It helps in saving energy and also when you move out of the home, it automatically adjusts the temperature setting according to the time. Nowadays, the latest thermostats are designed in a way where you can control it using another device or phone.

Replacement of filters:

The majority of the issues in the furnace happen because of clogged and dusty filters. It is important to change the intake filers once in six months or three months for best performance.

Call for furnace tune-up:

When discussed with Wrightway Comfort experts, they suggested that the best thing one can do to maintain the furnace in the best status is by scheduling for professional heater maintenance every year.

When to call for heater repair in Tomball, TX?

  • Tripping of the circuit breaker:

When the circuit breaker in your HVAC keeps tripping often, it means the electrical part of the system is not functioning or something wrong in the unit. If it trips occasionally, it is normal. But you are noticing repeated trips, you have to contact the HVAC contractor. If you do not correct the electrical problems immediately, it has chances to develop as a major issue.

  • Beep sound from the carbon monoxide detector:

If your furnace is functioning on heating oil, propane, or natural gas, you should ensure that it comes with a carbon monoxide detector. If the detector is making noise or beeping, there is a chance of a dangerous amount of carbon monoxide in your home. Immediately, move out of your house and contact the HVAC contractor.

  • When the heat does not turn off:

If the thermostat is not functioning or out of the desired temperature setting and the heating system is driving heat, it signs as a serious issue. Try to set off the thermostat and contact the furnace service expert immediately. If you are noticing uncomfortable temperatures in your house or noticing fuel wastage at a fast rate, you have to make some fast action.

Wrightway Comfort has a team of experts who offer emergency services when you call at any time. If you are noticing any of these problems, do not hesitate to call the Wrightway Comfort team.