What types of shapewear are there?

What types of shapewear are there?

Now, Shapewear has many different designs and can solve many problem areas. 2020 black Friday shapewear There are shapewear for the problematic areas of the abdomen and legs, but also for the upper arms or tights that combine all elements.

Color: black, white, nude..

Functional underwear comes in many different colors, and it is recommended to match the color of the shapewear to the clothing. If the fabric of the clothing is slightly transparent, it is worth using nude or light-colored underwear; black underwear can also be worn with black or dark clothes. Shaping underwear no longer provides simple colors. shapellx shapewear is often decorated with lace or other beautiful ornaments to ensure a particularly feminine appearance, not only making the shapewear a functional garment, but also making the underwear beautiful.

Shaping level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

The biggest difference between shaping underwear is the degree of shaping: For light shopping, use lighter fabrics with a lower forming rate, so that the body has a very delicate and natural shape. This level of styling is especially common in undershirts. Short-legged, high-waisted briefs and panties usually conceal small cushions on the belly and thighs and buttocks in a medium shape. They are made of stretchable materials, but are stronger than clothing with low molding levels. If you want to obtain a special shape or create a larger problem area, you can return to the shapewear with the highest level of shaping, which can usually be found on both the body and the body.

Material composition and spandex content

The material composition also determines the degree of forming. Most shapewear is composed of synthetic fibers, so the spandex content in the material is particularly important. The more elastic fibers the shaping material contains, the greater the elasticity of the shaping material and the higher the shaping effect. Some styling items of clothing contain cotton ingredients to increase wearing comfort. Although it has a pleasant sensation on the skin, it may still reduce the degree of deformation. Cotton or cotton-rich materials can also be stretched to a certain extent, but after a while it will not return to its original shape, but will remain stretched. Cotton is usually part of the material composition, especially for clothes with a low level of shaping.

Pros and cons of shapewear

Many people are keen on functional underwear, while others feel tight or worried about the shapewear to move around. The advantages of casual clothes stand out here: However, the appearance of the shapewear can be changed quickly without too much effort, and the body naturally and naturally reaches its best condition. Tights are usually helpful for wearing tights because the wearer does not have to worry about standing upright or having diarrhea to cover up the problem area.

Buying the right size shaping underwear is a useful companion, and the wearer can keep it for several years with high-quality and meticulous maintenance. You can avoid the frightening sense of shrinkage by buying the right size shapewear. In order to avoid the annoying dampness of shaping clothing, the correct length and size should be selected. The shaping clothing is most suitable, and nothing will slip or stick out. At warm temperatures, due to the high density of the material, shapewear, especially with a higher level of shaping, can quickly cause unsightly sweat.

Here, it is also necessary to consider the clothes to be worn and the external environment to be worn in advance. For heavy exercise, activity or high temperatures, you can rely on shaping underwear made of lightweight materials while providing comfort and improved contours.

What to consider when buying shapewear

In order to provide fun for the wearer for as long as possible, the following points should be considered before buying the shapewear: How should the shapewear be worn? How often do I wear shapewear? Which level of setting should the underwear reach? Before buying, it makes sense to try several different models from different suppliers, because there are also big differences in quality and price in shaping clothes.

Elasticity, seams and comfort

High-quality shapewear has good elasticity and comfortable wearing feeling. The material should have enough stretchability to not restrain the wearer, but should return to its original shape after trying it on. The seam pattern also reveals a lot of information about the quality of the clothes. Seamless shapewear is the most elastic and usually more comfortable because the seams do not cause uncomfortable cuts and marks. Under tight clothing, the cuffs at the ends of the arms and legs are clearly visible, which is why it is important to consider the intended use before buying.

Suitable for

The fit of the shapewear is essential to obtain satisfactory results. If the shaping underwear is too loose and hardly or does not form any shape, the shaping underwear will slip and be unsafe to wear. In the worst case, due to the size of the clothes, the clothes will obviously show up through wrinkles. But too tight body shaping clothes will not help the wearer. If the clothing is too tight, it will restrict movement and feel uncomfortable, especially when worn for a long time. Too tight body shaping clothes can cause cuts and skin irritation.

Choose the right size

It is generally believed that shaping clothing is particularly tight and smaller than the size normally worn in everyday clothing, which will produce a greater effect. When choosing shaping underwear, it is a wise choice to take the wearer’s regular size as a guide and check whether it is comfortable. If the shapewear fits the body without wrinkles or cuts, choose the correct size. If the design results still cannot meet the wearer’s wishes, models with higher or lower styling levels should have the best appearance.

Since high-quality shapewear in particular is a long-term investment, it is helpful to seek expert help when purchasing, so as to ensure that the shapewear is worn correctly and enjoyed for a long time. When buying shapewear, the most important thing is the feel of the wearer. If she feels comfortable in the laundry, it is important to believe her feelings.

Which shapewear suits which problem areas?

The ever-increasing selection of tights has the right model for each problem area: whether the problem area is in the stomach area, in the arms, legs or in the hip area, with the right tights, even bigger problems can be solved Area or hidden. Some clothes are even miracles in all aspects, these miracles can make the entire character image look new and make the appearance look slimmer.

Thighs and buttocks

The best result is wider thighs and annoying fillings in the buttocks area, which can be made into special shaping pants with different lengths. Depending on the length of the clothes you want to wear on the shapewear, you can choose between classic cycling shorts and shorts. Shaping pants are usually cut higher and cover small problem areas on the hips and abdomen at the same time, and make sure the waist is narrower. Pants are particularly popular in the summer because they can prevent friction between the thighs, which is painful for some women and often occurs when wearing clothes without tights.

Problem area abdomen

For the problem areas of the abdomen and buttocks, a classic belt is recommended. Due to its high cut, it can shape the center of the body while ensuring a strong back without causing cuts or marks on the hips.

Curvy figure

If you want to make the overall appearance tighter and slimmer, then underwear or body with shaping effect is a good choice. They can best shape the body and create feminine curves. Transition with flow. Underwear or body is usually equipped with special support parts under the breasts to emphasize them visually, but all-round clothing is also suitable for women who want to hide the big bust. Especially for the body, you can usually choose to shape the chest area to ensure that the entire body is perfectly shaped.

Great Depression

If you only want to shape a big bust, you can use special shaping bras, as far as women are concerned, they are by no means inferior to ordinary bras. Those who like seamless shaping prefer to use shaping underwear or body in the breast area.

Broad upper arms

The wide upper arm can also be shaped using shapewear. The hand warmer made of styling material optimizes the upper arm, but the upper part combined with the upper part opens up on the chest and extends on the back to provide shape for the arms and shoulders.

How to wear shapewear?

is worn in everyday clothing and looks particularly good in tight clothing. Shaping underwear is best worn on bare skin because it fits tightly and does not slip. Only when it is worn directly on the skin, can you get an infinite sharing effect, although the body with a shaping function, tops and underwear usually have a recessed chest area, so you can wear an ordinary bra. Wearing shapewear without additional underwear also has the following advantages: it will not interfere with the fabric layer, will not cause wrinkles or other appearance balance problems.​​​

Since the sculpting suit can now go out, it can be exposed from the cut in the shirt and top like ordinary underwear. Fashion trends even suggest wearing shapewear on tops and shirts to create an exciting look. Traditionally, shapewear is worn under the outer garment as a functional underwear.

During and after pregnancy

Especially after pregnancy, shaping underwear can help improve body feeling again, although to a certain extent it can also be worn during pregnancy. If you want to wear shapewear during pregnancy, you should definitely use special shapewear for pregnant women and get professional advice to ensure maximum comfort.

In fact, wearing shapewear after pregnancy helps the abdomen to fade quickly and supports the mother’s health. If you want to wear styling underwear during and after pregnancy, you should pay special attention to the styling level of your clothing, because too tight styling clothes can quickly cause discomfort.

Slim waist

When thinking about shapewear, it is inevitable to think of a tight waist shape that can be easily achieved with shapewear. Under tight clothing, the narrow waist with a smooth transition between the chest and buttocks is particularly feminine, so this feminine appearance is usually supported by shaping underwear. The tops, body and underwear with shaping function can seamlessly transition between different parts of the body and produce a narrow waist. Tight underwear and panties can also shape multiple parts of the body at the same time, and make the waist more slim. In order to obtain a stronger shaping effect, there are special waists and corsets that can visually reduce the waist circumference and make the appearance look more feminine. In addition to reducing optical waist circumference, these also have a positive effect on improving position and posture. The body restricts movement to a certain extent, so the wearer is encouraged to stand up and sit upright. For some women, especially in the case of occasional back pain, this support function can be very pleasant.

Waist trainer

The double belts waist trainer  special waist trainer is even used during exercise and worn on sportswear. They also belong to the category of shapewear because they are functional underwear designed to optimize body shape and support weight loss for specific body parts.

Care and cleaning tips

In addition to the manufacturer’s instructions on how to best care for the product, there are some things to consider when caring for and cleaning the shapewear so that it can provide the wearer with years of pleasure, comfort, and optimal performance. Shapewear should be washed regularly after wearing, because it is best not to wear other underwear. When washing the washing machine, you should carefully choose a mild washing cycle with a temperature between 30 and 40 degrees, because too high temperature will damage the material and affect its elasticity. The use of softeners should be completely avoided, and the amount of detergent should be quite low.

Hand washing can also gently clean the shapewear. After washing, styling clothes should be dried. It is not recommended to dry shapewear in a tumble dryer, as this will also reduce the shaping function. You should also avoid ironing the shapewear, which is not necessary, because when you wear it next time, the clothing will be as close to the body as the second skin, leaving no room for wrinkles.

Sizes 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58

The shapewear described above can provide almost all sizes.

Oversize, bend and oversize

Of course, chubby and large shapewear is especially popular.

Warrenster Foundation

There is currently no test report of Stiftung Warentest’s shapewear.

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