WhatsApp calculates what’s useful for video quality is useful for photograph quality, as well

WhatsApp may be confronting stiffer competition than ever from the likes of Telegram and Signal, yet it stays one of the most popular approaches to speak with your loved ones. A new beta version hinted to some forthcoming enhancements to video compression, and it seems as though pictures are getting a similar treatment.

WABetaInfo discovered another feature being worked on in WhatsApp beta for Android Another iteration was recently submitted to Google Play, pushing ahead with adding new customization options for sending a wide range of media. The past version uncovered new settings underway to change the quality of video files, and this update broadens similar preferences for photographs.

Every one of the three of the levels accessible for videos are likewise here for photographs, including “Auto,” “Best Quality,” and “Data saver.” If and when the two options are made open to actual clients, you’ll have the option to change how pictures and videos are sent under the “Media upload quality” section “Storage and data.” Currently, that section doesn’t exist in any accessible version of WhatsApp.

Since the two highlights stay a work in progress, nor are accessible to the public right now. However we actually don’t know without a doubt if “Best quality” keeps some level of compression, ideally, we will not need to stand by too long to even think about testing the feature out for ourselves.