Where Artist MC Mixson Hopes to Take His Career in the Coming Years

Where Artist MC Mixson Hopes to Take His Career in the Coming Years

Hailing from New York City, artist MC Mixson, born Derrick J. Mixson II, has always had a long-standing love for music. He is not afraid to find unique fusions in his works that have brought about a new sound to hip hop, a reflection of the wide array of music and cultures that he was exposed to throughout his upbringing. 

Mixson has always experimented with his music, which has given him the unique sound he has today. He strives to “Influence and inspire the world” through his works, and always aims to bring a particular intensity and passion to his craft. 

A major highlight for Mixson has been inking a distribution deal with Universal Music Group, and he recently made it onto the DRT Global Top 150 Independent Airplay Charts only a week after his recent release. 

Whether you’re a new fan of Mixson or you’ve already heard him on Wild n’ Out on TV, from interviews on Shade 45 Sirius XM Radio and Dash Radio, or seen him featured in Source Magazine and Hip Hop Weekly, it is no doubt that you will continue to hear more of his music in the years to come. 

Mixson has earned himself a loyal following throughout his career, for those who have been drawn in by his original sounds and obvious talent. In the coming years, he hopes to hone in his talents even more, and become the best artist he can be. Mixson aims to continue familiarizing himself with the industry and pass on this wisdom to the next generation. Aside from the music industry, Mixson has been working on a website to showcase his own merchandise, which fans can look forward to in the near future. 

Even with the trials and tribulations of the past year and a half, Mixson has always kept a positive attitude, and has stayed dedicated to his work, excited to showcase his talents and latest projects to his audience. You can hear more from MC Mixson and his latest works at his Instagram.