Who is James Lin of Saje Flow?

Who is James Lin of Saje Flow?

James Lin is a highly regarded motivational speaker, Peak Identity Coach, Real Estate entrepreneur, educator, and humanitarian. He is the co-creator of Saje Flow (Saje of Sajes), which was established in 2019. With the work of his organization, James managed to directly inspire over 33,000 people, And he shows no signs of slowing down. He expects the organization to eventually reach the 1 billion breakthroughs mark by 2028!

His vision is to share his extensive experience with the audience, assisting people in the quest to find The path to their true selves and embrace their identities. There is quite nothing like the feeling of seeing someone fulfilled and happy. For this reason, Saje Flow It’s all about helping people overcome their struggles and acquired the mindset they need to be successful through life. Instead of focusing on what happens to us, it is much better to focus on what’s happening for us instead! There are so many things that can get in the way of your happiness and success. James dedicated his life to helping people get rid of these limitations and Ultimately take ownership of one’s purpose in life, leading to wealth and abundance.

In addition to holding real-life events, James Also hosts an online program known as freedom flow Friday. The goal of this program is to help people find their flow through movement and breathing techniques. James also created a groundbreaking workshop named “empower your flow.” This particular workshop aims to help people transform and develop despite whatever challenges they might face, and Look at things from a different perspective.

As a real estate industry professional, James has an impressive portfolio, with over 39.2 million of property deals, including acquisitions, renovations, commercial development, and residential real estate.

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