Who is Maria Molino?

Who is Maria Molino?

Maria Molino Is a professional blogger and social media influencer based in New Jersey. She is the founder of simplymaria.com, A blog with a focus on fashion, beauty, design, and more. Maria is also keen on sharing her favorite travel tips, as well as healthy and tasty recipes and simply musing about life in general! As a former fashion entrepreneur, Maria knows the fashion industry inside out. She formally owned The Haute Maven Boutique, but decided to refocus her work in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Eventually, she decided to close the boutique so that she could focus on online marketing for the sake of her family and staff. Speaking of which, Maria is a proud and happy mom of two wonderful kids, AJ and Sadie. Her experience as a mother made her realize the importance of functional fashion. In other words, it is really all about looking stunning without making any compromise in terms of comfort and practicality. Who said that chic outfits need to be clumsy and uncomfortable? With her unique and up-to-date fashion taste, Maria managed to help countless customers maximize their wardrobe and unlock the full potential of their style.

Recently, Maria embarked on a new venture, THM. This company is a social media management firm, which focuses on enhancing the social presence of brands and products. The concept for this new firm came about when Maria was acting as the Instagram account manager for the well-received Broadway production of pretty woman the musical.

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