Louie is an experienced music producer from the USA who has been making beats for 10 yrs.A beat is the main accent or rhythmic unit in music. He also posts music tutorials. He also deals in buying and selling of beats on his official website. You can get Trending beats there.

BeatStars is his music-producing company with which Louie is associated with. BeatStars and Sony Music Publishing have joined forces to provide publishing services to a worldwide community of writers, producers, and artists.Sony Music Publishing is the leading global music publisher which has worked with superstars such as Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kanye West, and Ed Sheeran.

Louie is a bit new in the industry right now and he has not achieved much yet. There is not anything noteworthy right now that has created a buzz on social media but his beats are wonderful and very comforting. The beats will surely make you dance in joy.

He is not an American by birth he is an immigrant. He loved music from his childhood it was in his DNA and that is what led him to the music production industry. Being creative one of the most important factors for music production.

Louie has become a wonderful music producer now and now he is ready to make a real impact in society. Before becoming a producer you must make up your mind. Then there a process that will guide to the path of success.

He is always open for business collaborations and you can contact him at louietheproducer01@gmail.com.