Why Branding Will Become So Important in 2023

Why Branding Will Become So Important in 2023

Digital branding continues to take on a larger role in modern startups as both online and offline consumers use the internet in daily life. A major factor for new businesses to consider is website building because it is both essential in getting conversions and has a lot of competition. 

The website builder industry boomed in 2022, reaching a market size of $1.8 billion. This is largely due to a huge jump in demand, with 400 million active websites now online. As more sites populate the internet and fight for web traffic, effective branding has become more important than ever to set yourself apart. Here’s how and why branding will become more essential in 2023. 

More Impactful Online Presence

It’s not just about having a site and content out there. You also need your online presence to have an actual impact that ties back to your brand. When building your own website, you need to prioritize the design and the content you will host once it’s published. This is especially important when using templates and free website builders, as it is very easy to create a generic site that doesn’t represent your business’ ideals and uniqueness. When choosing a website builder, it’s best to pick one that lets you customize design elements and offer keyword-based generators. 

Now that there are many tools available to help you launch campaigns and get in the door, it’s about securing your position through relevant branding methods. While it’s good practice to consider factors like the speed and ease of use of your site, you need to make sure you make visitors feel what you want them to feel and actually want to transact with your business. For instance, statistics show that almost half of all online users believe that companies without mobile-optimized websites don’t care about them. Even more significantly, a whopping 94% of first impressions on your website are based on its design elements. 

Increased and Actionable Visibility

In an age where social media sharing and search engine optimization are unmistakable pillars of digital marketing, you need to have good website branding to increase your visibility. There’s a wide net to cast, considering adults spend an average of six hours a day on digital media. More than simply being seen, though, you actually want to get traffic from relevant visitors that will act on their web sessions. 

Simply put, proper branding that adheres to current standards will direct you to individuals who are more likely to care about what your business is offering. At the end of the day, increased traffic doesn’t do much when it doesn’t translate to conversions. The best website builders in 2023 already come with built-in SEO integration, widget management, and marketing tools to ensure that you are getting more volume and relevance in your site traffic. 

Better Recall from Consumers

Because of the saturation of digital media, one of the biggest challenges for an up-and-coming brand or website is brand recall. Consider the fact that the average individual is now exposed to more than 10,000 ads in a day, and you’ll realize how essential it is to create online content and platforms that users will actually remember. 

Studies show that 80% of consumers will not remember most of the branded content they are exposed to after just three days, with over half of those citing irrelevance as the main reason. When using a website builder, you’ll want to seek out analytics and personalization options that will help you optimize your brand for your target market. Appeal and credibility may be the essential building blocks, but you have to finish it off with awareness. In 2023, it will not be enough to simply be seen. The future is staying relevant and getting consumers to choose to come back to you.