Why Design and Art Curriculum is becoming so popular in India?

Why Design and Art Curriculum is becoming so popular in India?

The time of millennial seems to get even more into the trend because of the current demands of art and design. This stream seems to be racing against time and proving to be one of the most sought career options by the students. The creative minds are finding their niche in design and art as it allows them to think out of the box. The rigidity of the curriculum is in its flexibility to express yourself. The curriculum is such that it helps in bringing out the passion of students who think differently and yet can cater to a lot of needs of the people.

The skills of visualization, imagination, and understanding of design problems have made this field interesting. In the Indian context, a lot of things are still out of organic needs and not designed yet. The process of designing would help in improvising the scenario and blending it with art would just enhance the experience. There are multiple colleges which provide knowledge about art and design such as National Institute of Design, and Anant National University, Ahmedabadalong with other colleges across the nation.

The diversity in curriculum:

The curriculum of art and design at Anant National University, Ahmedabadhas a direct link to the issues people are facing in the cities and the aesthetic beauty with which the issues can resolve. The academic institution emphasises on providing the best learning to obtain a fruitful outcome in order to benefit society. These courses are very different from mainstream courses like engineering and medical; unlike them, these courses require different skill sets and serves a different purpose. The diversity of programs available under each discipline is vast.

Here the student gets an opportunity to choose the course they want to pursue as a career option according to their inclination. There are degree as well as diploma programs offered under these disciplines. The students can pursue these programs at both under-graduation level and post-graduation level. Traditional art, graphic design, web design, and such courses belong to very different industries but still fall under the same umbrella of creativity.

Demand for Art and Design professionals:

Art and design have picked up pace due to the huge demand for aesthetic beauty. The boom in this industry is also due to the various learning opportunities available. Several institutions which offer such courses has boosted the confidence of students and made them aware of the industry requirements. Every industry requires aesthetics to channelize their products in the market. This creates a huge demand for art as well as design. The increasing demand is not only in industries but in the social realm as well.

Contribution by the curriculum:

Through the medium of art and design, various socio-cultural problems can be solved. The students can utilize the skills learned into making a positive environment. The field is also widely recognized and established worldwide. The level of diversity is visible across the globe and being a developing nation; it is always an advantage to align with the needs of the industries to make a difference. The students subsequently get knowledge about various sectors according to their skills and profile.