Yashiro Nanakase uncovered for King of Fighters 15 in the most current gameplay trailer

Yashiro Nanakase has been uncovered for King of Fighters 15 in the most up-to-date trailer released by SNK.

Yashiro originally made his debut in The King of Fighters ’97. He hasn’t been playable in a King of Fighters title since The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match, so seeing his return in King of Fighters 15 is a remarkable treat.

During one of the King of Fighters competitions, the Orochi blood within Yashiro stirred. He at that point obediently attempted to accumulate the energy from warriors trying to resurrect Orochi.

Ultimately, Yashiro and Shermie ended up ending it all to move his energy into Chris, who at that point went about as the host for Orochi. The Three Sacred Treasures — Kyo, Iori and Chizuru — at that point cooperated to re-seal Orochi.

Verse’s defeat in King of Fighters 14 has evidently caused numerous characters, as Yashiro Nanakase, to be restored. This gives a potential clarification regarding why Chizuru has returned as a playable character in King of Fighters, and why Kyo and Iori are presently cooperating in Team Sacred Treasures.