Vishal Meghani has an adept Social World that gets great results every time. The digital marketer from jodhpur, Rajasthan set foot in the industry 5 Years ago and has quickly established a name for himself.

Instead of walking in the sheep’s herd and tasting success here and there, Meghani decided to break away from the herd and explore on his own. The time he spent looking at different techniques and methods helped him develop some innovative ideas. He turned the self quarantine period of 2020 into a productive jam, he analyzed not only digital trends but also the people around him – the users of these digital trends.

Through his innovative work and an unstoppable drive, the sphere of his success grew and his one man army became a whole team. Meghani’s team is just as driven as he is and through their work they have pumped out exceptional results.

Meghani is also adept at the art of management. He is able to prioritize and delegate work without breaking a sweat and making the right calls.

Age is just a number, just like any other, once one has set his mind to something, he can do whatever he wants, no matter how young or old he is.

Meghani’s ideology is that one has to learn to fly by themselves and brave all storms, then only they can reach the heights of success. And his vision is to contribute to a nation full of budding innovators and intellectuals.

Vishal Meghani is an unstoppable force, he is always committed to his work and his vision. Currently he is working on SEO, SMM And Brand Awareness.