Prolific speaker, online author of ‘God In Your Business” and business mogul, Samuel Kwame Boadu has called on investors to invest more in upcoming entrepreneurs in Ghana.

According to the entrepreneur, when this is done the businesses in Ghana would thrive, expand and grow beyond the nation, reducing unemployment rate in the country

Speaking to a group of young entrepreneurs at the Launch of Improve Africa in Accra, Mr. Samuel Kwame Boadu said Africans need to show interest in everything African including local businesses.

Improve Africa is a thought leadership program aimed at challenging African leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and the youths to aspire to achieve greatness in whatever they do.

The Firm is also aimed at promoting strategic thinking and the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth to increase the fortunes of the continent.

Samuel Kwame Boadu urged that one of the major challenges facing most Ghanaian start ups is their inability to expand beyond their cities and countries because of lack of investment

He said no serious business desirous of making great impact in the continent and the world would be content with remaining small arguing it helps to expand beyond one’s territory.

The major bane of many Ghanaian businesses is the lack of people with capital to reinvest in the productive sector of the economy, he continued.

He said Ghana needs people to invest and help small businesses with loan to enable them grow their fortunes adding most rich Ghanaians love to spend money but not in the country.

Samuel Kwame Boadu further said the only way out of the current challenges facing Ghanaian businesses would be to “change our thinking about remaining in our small territorial boundaries and create something that would reach every corner of the country.”

Samuel Kwame Boadu is currently the Founding CEO at SamBoad Business Group LLC, Digital Marketer & Educational Consultant in Ghana

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Rohit Mehta’s Digital Gabbar is a Penthouse of Knowledge for Upcoming Digital Marketers

We are all aware that the internet has overtaken our lives in recent years. For the majority of our stressful circumstances, we turn to the internet. Even businesses are aware that the majority of their target audience is present online. Digital marketing has developed into a fascinating notion. It, without a doubt, is less expensive and more efficient than conventional marketing. It is one of the simplest ways to sway your target audience. However, one must keep in mind that digital marketing is a very new sector, and few people have experience in it. Rohit Mehta, having assisted numerous firms in maintaining their internet presence, is one of the known experts in the sector.

Rohit Mehta started as a blogger and then improvised his skills to become a Digital Marketer. When Rohit began his job in digital marketing, he had no prior experience in the area and also had no one to learn from. He browsed through the internet for hours to dig out needed information. He used to take both paid and unpaid classes to educate himself about digital marketing. Slowly, he started applying everything he had learnt. He has put forth a lot of effort to get to where he is now. It is rather tough to isolate useful information from a sea of junk on the internet. He says he knows the problems of new businesses who do not know where to look for the knowledge they need and that many people get lost in the big internet ocean. He understands what they are going through since he remembers how difficult it was for him to start blogging. Initially, he was lost too. He built ‘Digital Gabbar‘ in the hopes of assisting others in finding all pertinent stuff in one spot.

Digital Gabbar is well-known for its abundance of content. Users are not required to pay for the material they consume to obtain knowledge. He aims to assist individuals in learning about blogging, marketing, and other topics. The staff behind the scenes is made up of professionals rather than novices. These industry experts do their job exceedingly well and collaborate with uprising digital entrepreneurs to provide readers with value. The company interviews successful entrepreneurs and business people to present the readers with insights into their lifestyles. In addition, these interviews contribute to the visitor’s knowledge while also helping them understand their hardships and struggles. His passion, enthusiasm, and eagerness to learn about digital marketing led him to become an industry specialist over time. By cultivating a positive image, Rohit has assisted businesses and entrepreneurs in achieving success in the digital market.

Furthermore, Rohit began another venture for people who lack platforms for growth. He started working on a project named “Indian Gabbar“. The objective and mission of this website are to assist people in promoting their personal or company brand through blog posting. The company helps you engage with a wider spectrum of audiences. It enhances the self-esteem of young individuals who are experiencing little or no advancements in their careers.

Rohit is an inspiration and a path-maker for the upcoming Digital Marketers and Entrepreneurs.


Kishanu Karmakar – Founder of SNK Creation And Experienced Digital Marketer Which Turned Many Business Towards Success

Look at the dream, who saw the dream of getting it and some successful entrepreneurs who turned it into a reality, they did something in a challenging world. Everyone is familiar with the work of Kishanu Karmakar, who has made a name in such digital entrepreneurship and modern marketing techniques. In this changing world of online, everything from business to brand has come in the online market, and to increase the reach of their fame, digital marketing is required by everyone, whether it is a film artist or a company’s product. Kishanu Karmakar from Jaipur, Rajasthan, today has emerged as a successful entrepreneur as well as a better digital marketer in the world. He won countless clients in this marketing industry with his extraordinary skills and passion, and today everyone knows them as Social Media Management and Digital Marketing Enthusiast. He helped many brands, companies, artists in the business and marketing fields and used the right strategy to enhance their importance. That’s why Kishanu Karmakar is known as an experienced digital marketing expert in India, and has led many businesses to success.

In today’s era, whether social media or online business, marketing has become an essential part, and you cannot deny it. Early times, when digital marketing was not even in practice; Since then, Kishanu Karmakar started researching subjects such as blogging, digital marketing and social media, and this passion of theirs makes them experienced marketing experts today. Today, in the desire of fame, everyone takes the support of branding, marketing, promotion, no matter what industry or category, everyone should have better access. Keeping this future vision in mind, Kishanu Karmakar started his command on technology, blogging and marketing from an early age. In 2013, he gave his startup business a twist, and today he is the founder of SNK Creation – Who provide all services related to Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Search Engine Optimization – SEO, Web Development, Digital PR and Blogging in the world-wide. Companies and brands always praise Kishanu Karmakar for his superior SEO strategy and reputation management skills. Their customization ideas and market strategy have brought a lot of business towards Limelight and made it a new customer with positive vibes.

Being a Passionate Content Creator and Digital Media Specialist, He has worked for many artists with an extraordinary strategy for promotion, verification and notability in social media and has been doing so continuously. Kishanu Karmakar gained good knowledge on social media algorithms and related technical services, With the help of which millions of people take advice for managing their social media page. As a growing Digital Influencer, he has been appreciated on many magazines and news platforms. And has helped many bloggers and influencers to bring them maximum fame and reputations. His company “SNK Creation” has also received 2 times Creative Marketing and Advertising Award in India. Today, due to the quality of their work and better technical help, their popularity and the scale of the project is increasing every year.

Giving wings to his hard work at an early age, he achieved many achievements from the age of 18, which the youth consider to be inspiration for his work. As a SEO and Social Media Influencer, his brother “Sandeep Karmakar” started working with him at the age of 20. Today, everyone knows him as a growing social media influencer in India, you can follow him on Instagram @imsandeepkarmakar. With this, Sandeep Karmakar has maintained his hold in content creation and Technical SEO, and handles many projects of companies. Today Kishanu Karmakar has won the title of Top Digital Marketer with his courage, skills and passion, his work has become his identity in the industry today. Kishanu Karmakar, who has handled more than 100+ corporate and film industry projects, has started serving technical support without any fees since 2015. Kishanu Karmakar and have achieved the goal of touching the heights and achieving it for all these 11 years and have been doing it for everyone.

Kishanu Karmakar believes ” The only mantra to turn towards success is to do the work with passion and hard work”.

With the ongoing changes in the market, they have achieved special abilities in business solutions and strategy and today everyone is getting the benefit of this as their work. Their achievement, way of working, and their goal is part of their guidance. Due to which, he not only completed the challenging and difficult work of the market with his talent but gave the best towards his work. That’s why Kishanu Karmakar is renowned in India as a Superior Digital Marketer and well-turned Young Entrepreneur. The youth, who are following the guidance, are inspired by their work by considering them as their role model. Follow his Instagram handle @kishanukarmakar for more updated information and new opportunities.


Piyush Dimri And His Change Of Careers: A Final Company Launchigo Puts An End To The Twists And Turns

Piyush Dimri, the well-established Digital Marketing Expert, was not the person that he is today. Certainly, people undergo drastic changes while growing up, but his life has been too complicated, taking sharp twists and turns without proper consideration. His impulse made him overwork as well as make rash decisions which had cost him. However, all of this certainly did not go in vain. Let us have a look at his early steps and efforts to establish himself:

Gaming: Piyush loves games. He was passionate about playing games and knowing more about them as soon as they were released in the market. He even worked at a gaming centre so that he could play games all day long. We all know that this is not a very smart move, but Piyush could have expected nothing more to offer young teenagers. He dedicated most of his time playing games to his heart’s content.

Internet: The online world was new to everyone, and Piyush Dimri was determined to make money online. He did the simplest of things one can do, looked up various methods to earn money online. His research was not very fruitful, but he gathered enough information and suggestions that he could use to make some profit. He trusted these resources, and it was even useful, but the online world’s success was short-lived.

Photography: Piyush managed to gather an agreeable sum so that he could control his start-up. He was very sure that it would work out this time because he started to work for events as a professional photographer. He had a unique way of looking at things and considering them, clicking everyone’s best pictures. In one of those events, he met a person who soon became a very good friend of his company, eventually giving him the idea of becoming a digital marketer.

Launchigo: Life was about to change for the better. Piyush had done his homework, and now he had a very bright idea about how he would like to spend the rest of his life. No, he would not earn money online, neither was he going to take pictures of other people for the rest of his life. He had a work environment better than any other career that he had tried out previously. His company started to progress slowly, and he even made his name globally. Launchigo is on the go! They have expanded, taking in more people to work, reaching the common people, and satisfying customers with their services.

Piyush Dimri is a wise man now and has a clear understanding of lives’ rights and wrongs. He has come a very long way, the beginning might have been a little incorrect, but he ended off on a pleasant note.


Steven Scope Pursues his True Passion of Music

Steven Scope is a one-person crew who is doing everything in his power to make his dreams of being a star in the music industry a reality—fueling his career with the capital gain he acquired while being a digital marketer. Steven is in the proper position to make the essential moves and begin his career.

Having recently dropped a handful of singles so far in 2021 and many more on the way, he has hit the ground running and is full force ahead. Big things are in the works for Steven Scope as the year goes on, and it is going to be exciting to see him grow as an artist.

There’s no telling just how far Steven Scope could take his music career. At the rate that he is moving at, it is only a matter of time before becoming one of the music industry’s biggest names.

Stream Steven Scope’s music on Spotify here.

Follow Steven Scope on Instagram here.


Shivam Bangwal: One Of The Best Brand Consultants Apart From Being A Digital Marketer and Founder

Shivam Bangwal has gained quite a lot of popularity in the field of digital marketing because of his professionalism and fabulous performance in the field. He is honestly very skilled and the biggest secret behind being such a well known digital marketer is dedication and patience.

Currently he is 21 years old and belongs to Srinagar, Uttarakhand. He is a founder of Youthistaan, Branding Panther and Digital Leader. There are a lot of services that he provides and one of the top services include brand consultant and adviser. He actually has one of the best plans to chalk out the ideas of his clients or customers. His unique way of creating an imagining strategies leaves people in awe. And how did you become such a dedicated man, you must wonder. It is all because of his dreams of becoming one of the top most successful entrepreneurs of the present world. He has always known that he had to do something to make out of his life, something great. And here he is, doing it.

Shivam had always been interested in technology. His childhood days were spent being either curious about it or learning more about it, both of which are equally important for a person who wants to build a career in the field of digital marketing. He learned all that there was about marketing, and the factors of entrepreneurship along with building a successful business enterprise.

One of the most successful works of Shivam is working along with artists and celebrities. He used to manage all their social media accounts, and also sometimes consult brands regarding promotion, exposure and other activities that could lead do a satisfactory outcome. Also, he has worked with a number of national as well as international clients from different fields. They were also very different in nature and this is why Shivam has an experience with people belonging to a wide range of backgrounds. Even during the pandemic, he had helped out a lot of businesses to have solid grounds in the online world since people were very unsure about that. His basic concern was to make sure that the customers are connected with the businesses, making both the ends meet through a channel.

Mr Bangwal Has put up the recent big project ‘Digital Leader’ for especially Politicians. Apart from this, he continues to hold a good name in the industry. For him, life had just begun and he has a very long way to go. Shivam Bangwal continues to serve as many people as possible. This is not like a normal job for him, he is truly passionate about his work and has a lot of goals yet to achieve. For him, having a clear vision and belief in oneself is something that can guarantee success.



In today’s competitive world, internet is the best companion of hasty humans. Internet provide a wide range of business opportunities. It accelerate businesses by providing various networks of customers. The social media platform has brighten the future of many entrepreneurs who wanted to setup their own venture. Many young entrepreneurs are giving meaning to their lives through digital marketing professions. This profession is one of the most profitable business for many young people.

An eighteen years old entrepreneur, Pranav Panchbudhe is an inspiration for many young people. He is a young gentle man of Nagpur, Maharashtra. He always a passionate social media user and he love reading blogs of various content writers. At just small age of fifteen years, he put his foot in the social media world by starting many Instagram pages but he didn’t get much love from audience.  But he doesn’t give up and starts a regional page through Instagram algorithms. With this he get lots of love from users and his page grew to 1 million+ followers.  After this success he move to other platforms also like Tiktok and right now he has more than 10 pages and with more than 6 million social media family. He is also working on Bitcoin analysis and he earned a good salary at such a young age.

Although his background never provide him much opportunities but his hard work and determine nature exposes him to the best of opportunities. In the beginning he faces many problems but he overcome failure and reaches to great success. He shows to the world that our circumstances are not our limits and if we are determine towards our passion we can achieve anything. Pranav has proven the world that if we follow our enthusiasm then success definitely chases us.


Digital Marketer Alois Köhle Reveals How Online Marketing Helps In Popularizing Startups On The Internet

Ever since the rise of the internet and mobile technology, marketing and advertising has reached a completely new level. Today the brands and companies reach to the customers through their websites, blogs, video content and other digital campaigns. One of the reputed entrepreneurs in the digital world, Alois Köhle has been impressing people with his impeccable online marketing skills. An affiliate marketer, an investor and a speaker, Alois is also a phenomenal orator who loves to give motivational speeches. He hails from Austria and got into digital marketing when he created an account on in 2011. He then skilled himself by understanding several marketing tools.

Some of the companies he has been associated with are A weber, Click funnels and Get response with whom he has done several digital campaigns. The very first product of Alois about affiliate marketing was launched in 2013 on Digistore24 which was a joint venture with Swiss entrepreneur Robert Michel Junior. However, his fortunes changed in 2014 when he was appointed as the non-binding sales partner for a larger American community. He then joined many influential affiliates of the company which already has 250,000 sales partners as of now. “Every brand is different and one must create a different marketing strategy to promote the brands digitally”, he stated.

Besides this, he also many small-scale brands in his clientele not just in Austria but across the globe. “Startups need a big boost in the business market. For that, online marketing of brands play a key role”, added Köhle. In 2015, the entrepreneur moved to Vienna to start Investment Punk Academy, a collaborative effort with Gerald Hörhan who is a celebrated name in the Austrian real estate world. The academy is a one-stop education platform which teaches students how to be wealthy entrepreneurs. He also established a real-estate company in 2018 named AK Immo headquartered in Vienna. Currently, Alois Köhle has his eyes on developing startups in the real estate business and by the next year, he plans to venture into several other businesses.


Clinton Misquitta and the Story behind Kwt Today

Clinton Misquitta is the person behind one of the most visited news media platforms in Kuwait. If you are wondering about what platform I am talking about, it is Kwt Today, one of the only English language news aggregator sites in the country of Kuwait. 4 out of 5 people who visit the website of Kwt Today come from Facebook, which means that most of the visitors of this news media site come from social media platforms. Most of these visitors are young and belong to the countries of Kuwait and India.

Clinton Misquitta has a strong connection with the country of India, because he was born in that country but his parents immigrated to Kuwait when he was young. Thus, Clinton was brought up in the small Middle Eastern country of Kuwait, a country which has a very large diaspora of Indians living inside its borders for more than 50 years now. Clinton Misquitta is part of that growing diaspora of Indians who have made Kuwait their homes because of the job and business opportunities in this small oil rich country. Although Clinton started out as a digital marketer, he later branched out to create his very own news media brand that collects the most trending and entertaining news content from other sites and hosts it on its platform. Although Kwt Today currently produces less than half of its original content on its platform, Clinton is starting to focus more towards producing fresh and organic content that can bring in newer audiences from India and the Middle East.

Since the early days as a digital marketer, Clinton Misquitta realized the huge potential of social media sites on the internet, and that’s why he focused all the marketing efforts of his news media site towards the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and now he is reaping the rewards of his hard work and focused marketing efforts. Kwt Today is based out of Mumbai, where it has around 20 permanent employees. The company is in the midst of expanding its operations as it aims to hire new writers who can write fresh and original content on its platform. It wasn’t all rosy for Clinton in the beginning though. He started Kwt Today back in early 2013, but he had to struggle a lot initially in the early days as the website was new and lacked sufficient visitors on its platform. But through years of hard work and dedication, he has managed to make Kwt Today one of the best online news media brands in Kuwait. He currently focuses more on his other projects, but he still keeps track about the day to day goings of Kwt Today whenever he can. His story is a story of toil and hard work and passion, and sheer determination. He currently inspires countless youths of Kuwait and India to take up a career in digital marketing and change the world for the betterment of mankind.