YouTube Music for Wear OS can’t be sideloaded on more established watches

YouTube Music for Wear OS can’t be sideloaded on more established watches

We went active with the hotly anticipated arrival of YouTube Music for Wear OS prior week, and keeping in mind that the application positively takes care of business, it accompanies the necessity for Wear OS 3. Shockingly, that is a limitation that can’t be effectively survived, by the same token.

Google previously affirmed to 9to5Google that the new YouTube Music and Google Maps applications will require Wear OS 3 recently, yet it was accepted by some that basically YouTube Music would be informally accessible on more seasoned equipment. All things considered, Spotify pulled it off.

Shockingly, we’re miserable to affirm that YouTube Music for Wear OS 3 simply won’t chip away at more established gadgets. We tore the APK from the Galaxy Watch 4 and endeavored to sideload it on one of our #1 more seasoned Wear OS gadgets, the Moto 360. Nonetheless, ADB kicked back a mistake that clarifies what’s happening. YouTube Music requires a base API level of 30, which means it requires the gadget to be running Android 11 or higher. The way things are today, all more established Wear OS gadgets depend on Android 9.

In case you were trusting that changing the application would open entryways, it appears to be that course will not work by the same token. A versatile security expert and Android devotee, @linuxct, affirmed on Twitter that there’s no simple method to get things fully operational.

Changing the application to bring down the base API level to 28, Android 9, permits it to be introduced on more seasoned variant of Wear OS. Nonetheless, different bits break. Different changes needed to hit the lower necessity broke help for Google login, which is needed to make the application work by any means. It’s likewise noticed that the application should be adjusted on the grounds that it needs help for more up to date APIs that Android 9 can’t deal with, so regardless of whether the login issue was fixed up there’s no assurance that things would really work.

Tear YouTube Music on more seasoned Wear OS watches. It was simply never intended to be. More Wear OS 3 watches are around the bend.