Zeinab Mehdi Poor: from fighting stigma to establishing herself as a leading business woman

Zeinab Mehdi Poor: from fighting stigma to establishing herself as a leading business woman

All the problems and solutions related to finance are taken care of by an expert called an accountant. Their job role is not just to prepare accounts and tax returns, but they also help in shaping up a company’s financial position in the market. We introduce you today to one of the best Iranian accountants named Zeinab Mehdi Poor, who is now based in Turkey. Born in Masjed Soleyman, Iran, she had an aim to get into finance after she completed her secondary school.

As far as her educational qualification is concerned, she did her bachelor’s in accounting from the Ahwaz University of Applied Science. She even holds a diploma degree in graphics from the Masjed Soleyman Azad University. Post her graduation, Zeinab worked at an accounting company and later, after getting experience, she registered a company of her own and incorporated it in Masjed Soleyman. Her firm became one huge success as it has helped many businesses to grow financially.

However, starting a company of her own was not an easy task. She says, “I did not have any capital when I started the company. There went a lot of effort to build my own company and I also faced financial issues. From my savings, I made the investment and just went with the flow. I am glad today my company is helping investors know where to make the right investments.” Moreover, Zeinab’s company has majorly specialized in financial accounting affairs, financial interpretations and other value-added services.

Besides being a notable name in the accounting field, Zeinab is also a well-known social media personality. She has a following of more than 300K on Instagram. Her approach to work and her content has worked big time in making her a popular Instagram personality. She is married to another renowned Instagram personality, Milad Hatamabadi and the couple has a baby girl named Tala. The couple who once dreamt to be rich together is living their dream today. They also own a venture of an online game website which has games like online poker and also football betting prediction scores,

Zeinab Mehdi Poor is an active Instagram user and you can check out her page, ‘@sahar’ to know more about her life and work