Legendary country singer and songwriter Mac Davis dies at 78

Legendary country singer and songwriter Mac Davis has passed on at 78 years old.

Davis, who initially discovered notoriety writing hits “A Little Less Conversation” and “In The Ghetto” for Elvis Presley, died following heart surgery, his manager, Jim Morey, said in an announcement on Tuesday.

“He was surrounded by the love of his life and wife of 38 years, Lise, and his sons Scott, Noah and Cody,” Morey wrote on Facebook.

Honoring Davis, his director depicted him as “a loving husband, father, grandfather and friend.

“I will miss laughing about our many adventures on the road and his insightful sense of humor.

When there was a tough decision to be made he often told me ‘You decide.. I’m going to the golf course!'”

Morey finished his announcement with verses from Davis’ tune “I Believe In Music.”

Updates on Davis’ death comes days after his family said he had become “critically ill” in the wake of going through heart surgery in Nashville.

Musician Richard Marx drove the online tributes to Davis, tweeting: “This is such a drag. RIP to the incredible #MacDavis. Thank you for your incredible songs and your kindness to me. It was an honor to hear you tell me stories.”

Davis – born Morris Mac Davis – made his presentation as a country music artist with his 1970 album “Song Painter.”

His breakthrough album “Baby, Don’t Get Hooked On Me” was released two years after the fact.

Davis, whose hits incorporate “Stop and Smell the Roses” and “One Hell of a Woman,” got worldwide recognition for his contribution to music and was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1998.

He was enlisted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2000 and the national Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2006.

In 2013, he beat Billboard’s Dance Club Songs graph as co-author on Avicii’s “Addicted to You.”

Alongside his musical achievements, Davis appreciated modest accomplishment as a TV personality and actor. He hosted his own variety series “The Mac Davis Show” on NBC from 1974 to 1976 and furthermore featured in TV films “Beer For My Horses” and “Where The Fast Lane Ends.”


Disney to eliminate 28,000 jobs at US theme parks

Walt Disney has declared it will lay off 28,000 representatives, generally at its US theme parks.

Disney refered to the parks’ restricted guest limit and vulnerability about how long the Covid pandemic would last as purposes behind the layoffs.

The organization’s theme parks have endured a significant shot from the pandemic.

Disney shut every one of its parks prior this year as the infection spread, however just Disneyland in California stays shut.

“We have made the very difficult decision to begin the process of reducing our workforce at our Parks, Experiences and Products segment at all levels,” Josh D’Amaro, chairman of the parks unit, said in a statement.

The layoffs apply to “domestic employees” of which about 67% are part-time.

Disney likewise has parks in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Paris, which are not influenced by the declaration.

Hong Kong Disney returned a week ago in the wake of closing down for a second time in July because of a spike in Covid-19 cases.

Aside from Disneyland in California, the entirety of the organization’s parks have now resumed, despite the fact that guest numbers are restricted to take into account social distancing.

Disney lost $4.7bn (£3.6bn) in the three months to 27 June, with incomes for its Parks, Experiences and Products division plunging 85% contrasted with a similar quarter in 2019.

Mr D’Amaro said the organization’s issues were “exacerbated in California by the state’s unwillingness to lift restrictions that would allow Disneyland to reopen.”

Disney has been attempting to convince California to permit the organization to resume Disneyland.


Secret of the Stars: Doctor Simon Ourian Explains How To Get a Perfect Nose Job Without Surgery in 5 Minutes!

Home to an impressive following of 3.5 million Dr. Simon Ourian’s Instagram following shows off his impressive cosmetic skills. One of the most illustrious dermatologists in the field, he offers a large array of services including a non-surgical rhinoplasty. He’s done work for big-time celebrities, including, but not limited to, the Kardashian family. “Epione” of Beverly Hills, California, is home to top-tier medical professionals if you’re looking to pay a visit.

Dr. Simon Ourian has a “micro-droplet” technique that sets him apart from other specialists in the industry. It involves using a tiny needle that gives Dr. Ourian complete control throughout the whole procedure with this threading technique. His threading technique, paired with his fine eye for detail, is a formula for a perfect result every time.

Playing a role in the famous reality TV show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Dr. Simon Ourian has performed procedures for stars like Kim, Khole, Kourtney, and Kris. It’s no surprise that Dr. Simon Ourian performs procedures for many big-name celebrities.

Dr. Simon Ourian was one of the first people to do what he did. Since he has boosted the popularity of the nose job and spa-like studios, Dr. Ourian has cemented his place as one of the best to ever do it. He has established himself as a leader in both business and plastic surgery specialization. Previously mentioned was his mass Instagram following where he puts up pictures and videos of the results from his procedures. He recognizes that a large part of his boom on social media is his large celebrity client base. If these stars vouch for him, then he must be one of a kind.

Building confidence and helping someone view themselves in a more powerful way are just some of the benefits of plastic surgery. Dr. Simon is a one of a kind plastic surgeon that uses pinpoint precision accuracy to handcraft his client’s nose to their entire face. He uses precise proportions of the nose, neck, and chin to deliver the best overall results each time. His procedure is a lot safer than traditional nose-jobs as he explains that they are more than just a series of dermal injections into the body. Clients who desire a low risk, fast recovery version of a traditional nose job should turn to Dr. Simon Ourian for his non-surgical procedure. Most of the time, when receiving a surgical rhinoplasty, the client needs to be put under anesthetic due to all the risk and side effects that can come along with it, as opposed to Dr. Simon Ourian’s non-surgical option, which has proven to be a much safer route to go down. With better results and quicker recovery speed, it seems like there’s no better option than Dr. Simon Ourian


What Is an ISO 27001 Certification and Who Needs It?

All that most companies want is to be able to continuously provide quality services while protecting both themselves and their clients. However, getting loyal clients will take time before they can trust what your business can offer or provide. An ISO 27001 certification will help boost this trust-building process.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is the international standard implemented in the workplace for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). It aims to secure confidentiality while providing information, as well as protect a company’s brand, private information, and assets, including information regarding its employees and clients.

An ISO 27001 certification proves useful when a company faces legal requirements or when certain disputes need to be settled. However, it is most useful as a preventive measure against cybercrime, personal data breaches, vandalism, terrorism, fire, other forms of damage, misuse, theft, and viral attacks.

Industries That Apply ISO 27001

Although it is often perceived as a standard that applies only to the IT industry, this is but half the story. Here are some of the organisations that implement ISO 27001 as a standard.

IT Companies

Of course, first on the list are IT companies. These include software developers, cloud companies, and IT support companies, among others. Acquiring an ISO 27001 certification increases credibility on their side, especially when trying to invite new clients. Being able to present a certification means that the company can secure their information.

In some cases, an ISO 27001 certification is used to trace responsibility when problems arise. Referring to the standard could point to what needs to be done and who should act. This way, those problems could be solved faster and, most likely, more efficiently. It is a common situation in fast-growing companies where the standards are not yet defined, but securing the proper situation would pay off.

Government Agencies

Government agencies all over the world handle a huge amount of sensitive information. With the priority of providing available information, implementing the ISO 27001 with a perfect reference with government approval, is highly beneficial. In some cases, the standard is also used to protect confidential information, such as in the military.

Financial Institutions

Financial companies like banks and insurance companies often secure an ISO 27001 certification for two reasons. First, as part of numerous laws and regulations, financial institutions need to protect the information of the company, its employees, and its clients. It should not be a hassle as most laws are already based on ISO 27001, making it a perfect reference for compliance.

Another reason is to save money by preventing unfortunate incidents from happening. Being one of the most advanced industries in terms of risk management, financial institutions tend to use preventive measures. This way, they spend less than when they would have to deal with the consequences of data breaches.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry

As in other industries, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies secure an ISO 27001 certification, although it is not obligatory. And this is primarily to protect data and information in their respective fields.

In pharmaceutical industries, pharmacovigilance regulations require safety data collection. They are also required to conduct specific studies that would help boost the credibility of their products while following strict regulatory and safety guidelines. Post-market studies are conducted by gathering data from potential clients via browsing data and device tracking. All these could be regulated with the ISO 27001 framework.

Telecommunication Firms and Internet Providers

Internet service providers and telecommunication companies need to protect a huge amount of data, as their clientele covers a big part of the population. Like all the other industries on this list, a telecom company usually obtains an ISO 27001 certification as a preventive measure.

In the end, no matter the industry, as long as data collection is done on a digital platform, an ISO certification will prove beneficial to a company. Ethically, compliance with the standard as laws require will only be secondary to its true purpose: to protect the company, its employees, and its clients.


Actress Khushi Shah and Dhruvin Shah pair up for a Navratri special album; teaser of the first song out now!

Navratri is around the corner and just before the festivities, popular Gujarati actress Khushi along with Dhruvin Shah took to their social media announcing their Navratri special album comprising of two songs.

The teaser to the first song is out. ‘Joradi Jagdamba’ is a praise worship stuti song which beautifully describes and expresses gratitude to Maa Jagdamba. The full song will be released soon and we are sure it will be heard at every home during aartis prior to commencement of Navaratri.

Produced by Navakar Productions and A Tree productions in association with Mystic Melodies, the song is shot at a 558 years old historical heritage site of Hutheesing Haveli. The site is famous for hosting many notable personalities of the past from the Mughal Emperors of 16th and 17th century to the prime ministers and father of our nation, Mahatama Gandhi. Renowned for its great architecture and craftsmanship, the location adds a distinct devotional and cultural essence to the song.

Director Dhruwal Patel adds a pristine feel to the song which will definitely touch the hearts of the audience. Composed by Zalak Pandya and Raag Mehta’s voice makes it even more soulful. With Jigar Mulani as the creative director and DOPs Dhruwal Patel and Vaibhav Vyas along with Associate Producer Dhrumil Soni, this album will be an audio-visual treat to look out for!

The teaser of the second song, ‘Aavi Navaratri’ will also be released soon which is an energetic Garba track that will make the audience go gaga at their homes this Navratri.

Khushi is currently staying in Ahmedabad away from home for her back to back shooting schedules. Last month, the actress was seen shooting for two exciting projects including a short film titled Kya Ukhad Loge along with a film named Full Stop which is set to release soon.

Khushi Shah debuted with Gujarat’s first-ever horror-comedy titled Affraa Taffri which recently won an award at TIFF 2020. Not just the film but Khushi Shah too bagged special mentions at Toronto Gujarati Iconic Film Festival 2020.


Mars may have salty ponds close to its underground lake, raising the chance of Martian life

Two years back, researchers distinguished what looked like a salty lake under the surface of Mars’ southern ice top.

Presently, new exploration has discovered more proof of the lake, and furthermore uncovered various smaller salty “ponds” close by – raising the chance there might be life on the Red Planet.

In the new investigation, Italian researchers utilized the Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Sounding (MARSIS) instrument on the European Space Agency’s Mars Express rocket. The radar secured a bigger region of the Martian surface and assembled extra information, permitting the researchers to “confirm the liquid nature of the previously observed lake,” the research group said in an announcement.

The researchers had the option to assemble more explicit insights regarding the lake – for example, they estimate it’s around 30 by 20 kilometers (18.6 by 12.4 miles) in area.

“The presence of a subglacial lake could have important consequences for astrobiology and the presence of habitable niches on Mars,” the statement added.

The study, published Monday in the journal Nature Astronomy, likewise said the discovery of “several other smaller patches of water” was especially exciting.

The ponds – which the study depicts as “patchy water pools or wet areas of smaller extent” – are various sizes, and isolated from the fundamental lake by strips of dry land.

The revelation is huge on the grounds that it gives us a superior thought of the Mars climate, and chemical makeup. For example, the reality the lake and its surrounding ponds are as yet fluid recommend they are “hypersaline,” the study said – which means they contain lots of salts. This brings down the melting point, keeping the water from freezing notwithstanding the cool environment, and may have permitted them to “survive for an extended period of time on a geological scale.”

Furthermore, obviously, there’s the question of extraterrestrial life.

A study a year ago proposed that 3 to 4 billion years prior, Mars – presently cold and inhospitable – may have been warm enough to have pouring rainstorms and streaming water, which would have made an environment that could uphold basic life. As temperatures dropped later on, the water would freeze.

The most recent research posits that life on Mars may not simply be a thing of the past.

“The possibility of extended hypersaline water bodies on Mars is particularly exciting because of the potential for the existence of microbial life,” the study said.

On the off chance that there truly is life in these salty waters, it could take various forms. The researchers conjectured there could be anaerobes – tiny organisms that needn’t bother with oxygen – or extremophiles, which can get by in extraordinary cold or heat.

There could even be aerobes – organisms that require oxygen. Salty brines like the lakes or ponds hold six times the negligible amount of oxygen required for microbes to breathe, the study said.

“The water bodies at the base of the (south polar layered deposits) therefore represent areas of potential astrobiological interest and planetary protection concern,” the study concluded, urging future Mars missions to target the polar lake region to gather additional data.


Microsoft 365 blackout influences different services

Microsoft Corp MSFT.O said late Monday a recent change it presented likely caused a significant blackout, influencing clients’ access to different Microsoft 365 services, including and Microsoft Teams.

The developer of Windows and Office software said it didn’t “observe an increase in successful connections” even after it moved back the change to moderate the effect.

“A moment ago nothing was working, then I went into files in Teams and it was working, now nothing is working. Well I guess now I have an excuse to not do work and watch TV,” one Twitter user tweeted.

“We’re pursuing mitigation steps for this issue. In parallel, we’re rerouting traffic to alternate systems to provide further relief to the affected users,” Microsoft said on its status page, without specifying how many users were affected.

A few other Twitter clients complained that the blackout implied they could miss their job interviews and deadline for college assignments.


Best Geography Apps of 2020

Some apps make it fun to study Geography. As a parent, it is better if your kids use the apps to better their geography knowledge. Some apps make it simple for kids to understand different concepts in geography. Here are the best geography apps that I’ve used to write my english paper;

Geo Challenge

It is a beautiful app that asks questions in terms of games. It makes it fun for kids to understand the subject. It tests your knowledge in four different areas. The app quizzes;

  • Flags of different countries
  • All the country borders
  • The big cities worldwide
  • Landmarks

Maps of our World

Both kids and adults can use it. If you want to know more about them, this is the app for you. It is a fascinating app that makes it easy for one to understand. In this app, you can know all the countries worldwide and the population of people. If you do not have any idea of the global area, this is the place to learn. You will be able to know the leading cities and where their location. 

The general knowledge you get from this app will help you have a different perspective of the world.

Planet Geo

This app tests your knowledge of countries and cities all over the world. You can play six types of games

  1. Geo book icon- You will know all the information about different countries
  2. New York to Paris icon- Students learn more about capitals and the cities
  3. Maps in a box icon- it helps you know the region a country fits in
  4. Flag icon- Students identify the flags of different countries
  5. Jigsaw icon- Students will be able to places countries on the map

The activities in this app are numerous and very educational.

I Am Learning

It is an app used for revision and has over 1100 questions to be answered. It helps students revise anytime they want and has all the topics needed. It makes studies easy and fun. There is a football game that keeps the students attentive and engaged. It is a simple app that does not require any skills to use.

GeoBee Challenge

It is one of my favorite apps. If you are a beginner, this is not the app for you. You have to be between the age of 9-13 years for you to use it. The questions here are a bit challenging, even to those who think they are experts. Kids can use this app to better their knowledge. It makes students push their limits by trying tough questions. It has good reviews and can get put into considerations.

Geo Touch

It is a puzzle and gives students knowledge of different countries in the world. It doesn’t have all the exact number of countries in the world. It gives you the chance to know the capitals and how flags from different countries look. It has a way of making a student not forget what he/she has learned. If you make a simple mistake, you have to start all over again.

Mobo Kids Puzzle World

It helps kids better their geography. In this app, you have to discover different countries. It equips students with all the necessary information they want to know. It allows kids to learn about diverse cultures, which is a good thing.


When Arod Ask’s You ‘Lend Me Your Ear’ – You Better Listen

Look. Tonight, take one hour off. Sit in your car, living room, wherever you enjoy to listen to music most, and put on Arod’s debut album. Thank us later.

Honestly, where do we begin? The production, his voice, his delivery, his stories. Enter Arod’s world, the unfiltered reality of a young man who’s come a long way to live his dream of being a successful artist.

We haven’t been this excited about a rapper for a long time and Arod gives us every reason to be with his uplifting debut LP ‘Lend me your ear’.

We’re looking at a complete package already, even though we are only witnessing the first outlet of the Austin, Texas, born and raised artist.

A young man, who first got in touch with his craft when his dad would rap to him and his sister while home from stints in jail.

Arod works through his eventful childhood and youth in his lyrics, displaying the struggles of a young boy raised by his single grandmother as well as affiliations to the streets and the pursuit of a great future.

From the very first notes, the very first lines on his debut, Arod take us inside his world, tells us his story, talks about what it feels like to be a young black man in the times of an important civil rights movement, while dedicating his passion and life to music and trying to make a better world for the ones around him.

And not only does he tell the story, but he also sells it too. And that might only be one of the big differences between Arod and other artists.

There is no space for fake flexing or bragging in his music, his stories are real, you can hear it and you can feel it. His flows on the soulful beats; the album includes a lot of excellent sampling, effortlessly take you into the world he lives and grew up in.

The smart artist graduated from high school despite his early life’s hardships and only dropped out of college to chase his dream – with this record taking him more than one step closer to it.

The album was announced by his single release ‘Adolescent’ which easily makes it into our top 20 songs of the year. The motivational track, that opens with a dedication to George Floyd and all victims of racism and police brutality in the US, gave us a fair heads up what we could expect from his album.

Not only did he back up the expectations built after the single release on his long-player, but he also shows countless other facets, flows, and insights that leave us with a single question – when are we going to get more?


How to care for Your Thermal Equipment

Thermal imaging technology offers technicians the ability to see an invisible object making it convenient to easily discover electrical and motors components. Through comprehending the way thermal pictures function and the ability to execute in detail the procedure involved in its administration successfully, doctors can easily diagnose any condition, and managers can submit profits to their organization and departments, and so on.

The use of thermal imaging technology is immense, and that is why like other types of equipment it needs constant care. Providing proper care for your TIG (thermal imaging gadget), will boost its function and make it last longer. Below are ways of caring for your product.

1. Periodic maintenance routine:

The gadget will work better if routine maintenance is observed. This is a very critical procedure because the TIG will serve you well anytime you need it. One of the most overlooked devices is the thermal imaging display cover or lens. It is easy to unscrew the lens and clean the dirt and soot off it. Check the battery regularly to ensure it is on top working condition.

2. Inspect the external part regularly:

Secondly, to keep your thermal imaging binoculars gadget working optimally, you must carry out a regular inspection for cleanness and damages. Maintaining constantly clean TIG indicates that the upper part of the device is always looking bright. The reason the upper part must look shiny is not that it will make you feel good; the fact is that the brighter and cleaner it looks, more effective the camera will work at reflecting light instead of absorbing it.

Excessive build-up of dirt and soot could increase the absorption rate of the bright heat and this will negatively affect the length of time the gadget will function under very hot conditions. All that is required is to clean the TIG regularly with water and soap, the everyday detergent will do. If there are stubborn stain issues, utilize a degreaser for removing the dirt and stain. Never apply direct bleach or solvent that contains hydrocarbons on your temperature imaging gadgets as they are capable of destroying the rubber seals or thermoplastic covering.

Once the dirt has been taken off, proceed to visually examine it for damages and check if there is a separation of the outer parts. Additionally, it’s also pertinent to examine all neoprene or rubber, checking for crumbling, pliability, tears, and additional noticeable cracks, damages, and separations.

The lens must remain clean:

Always ensure that you check the lens regularly, ensuring it is constantly clean and free of dirt so that the quality of the image will not be affected. If you have had an occasion when your thermal gadget isn’t functioning properly, the fault is probably a dirty or stained lens, which affected the picture quality directly. This accumulation of stains on the lens could bring down the quantity of thermal power entering into the device, hence decreasing total image quality in addition to causing a blurry picture.

To clean the lens is difficult, and that is why you should call the TIG and the AGM Global Vision producer to request for assistance, they will advise you on what to do. Usually, the advice may be the best type of cleaning agent to use; in worst cases, you may have to get another lens.

Battery checks:

Performing regular battery checks is another important maintenance option for TIG. It is pertinent to constantly check the battery to make sure it is always full. Thermal imaging devices come with various battery innovations like lithium-ion, alkaline, and lithium-ion phosphate. In some cases, you can see batteries that run for 8 hours, this is good, but you will need to search for it.

When researching for a battery that can stay on for long hours, you should first determine the first operating time and the circle life of the battery. The possibility of your thermal device lasting for a long time relies on your precautionary maintenance schedule and how many times the device is used.