Passion Is An Ultimate Motivation : Indian Entrepreneur Avishkar Halse

Avishkar Halse – CEO Avishkar Management Agency
Every problem has an opportunity wrapped in it. We just need the clear vision to check it and passion to grab it. When we face problems in life, we often forget to see them in a different perspective. But this time we are going to tell you about a small-town boy with big dreams – Entrepreneur Avishkar Halse.

Avishkar Halse is a Indian Entrepreneur and simple boy from Latur who has big dreams and he dares to achieve them all. In fact, it has started as well. Educationalist and entrepreneur Avishkar started guiding students in medical entrance exams since 2018. Later during the COVID-19 pandemic period he started his own small agency of providing management service for Indian Cricketers, Actors, Politicians and businessmen as Avishkar Management Service. The company provides more services like market research, business management consultancy, personal work, etc. In only two months Avishkar’s this new company has earned a very good name in market and where businesses actually take very much time to settle the turnover of bear two months of this agency has crossed ₹ 1,50,000. It’s surely a big achievement for an entrepreneur and for a new business.

Until now Avishkar and his management agency has handled many clients like Arjun Tendulkar’s cricket team’s captain Rajni, under 19 and under 23 cricket player Om Bhosale, Ratan Tata’s partner, Pune’s businessman Ajitsinh Patil and actors. Avishkar wishes and aims to work with the best businessmen of our country like Ratan Tata and Mukesh Ambani. He believes in his hard-work, passion and he is absolutely determined to touch the new heights. He knows, sky is the limit.

Avishkar’s this journey is surely inspiring. We wish him all the best for his future endeavors.


Local Hero – Local Campaigner – Manu Dhaumya

Manu Dhaumya, the face behind the multi award winning campaign called United Against Bullies was recently featured in the Village Eye magazine.

Manu has just been nominated for the Pride of Reading Award in the community section. His tireless work during the pandemic was highlighted by the magazine.

Village eye is a local Berkshire magazine that covers most of Berkshire from Spencer’s wood, Newbury, Aldermaston to Theale.

According to the Editor, Hellen Baird , she chose to feature Manu Dhaumya as he has done a lot of local charitable activities since covid happened. Hellen is always supporting local charities so Manu was the obvious choice as in the recent months he has been featured on ITV News, CO-OPs Local Hero and Pride of Reading to name a few.

To get in touch with Manu Dhaumya, please follow the links.


The LG Wing’s dual screens get somewhat simpler to use in a new software update

LG’s screen-turning Wing was one of the most interesting looking cell phones of 2020, yet its unique design was kept down by poor software support. Another software update, out today for the Verizon-exclusive gadget, hopes to help address those issues by adding some new dual-screen functionality.

In particular, Droid Life reports that the new update makes it a lot simpler to send applications to and from the smaller display to the main one (a process that recently elaborate some convoluted menu fighting.) With the new update, there’s currently a “send” button that shuttle applications from one display to the next, alongside a “restart” button to relaunch applications that progress over inadequately. You can likewise use a third-finger gesture to achieve a comparative task. At long last, LG has added application names to the homescreen when the phone is turned open, improving it look like the standard Android homescreen.

LG has additionally fixed one of the greatest pet peeves about the second display, adding media controls for all applications to the second display when viewing (rather than simply a handful of select applications, as YouTube.) Now, applications like Netflix will offer comparable functionality.

There’s likewise a few other extra features in the update, including the ability to automatically scan QR codes in the camera application, a new wallpaper, a coordinating 5G icon, and a November security patch.

On the off chance that you own a LG Wing, you’ll have the option to install the update currently by checking for a software update in the settings application.


The first wearable gadget from OnePlus could be a modest fitness band

OnePlus uncovered recently that it will release a smartwatch in 2021, however it’s as yet indistinct in the event that it will use Google’s Wear OS platform or custom-built software (like Huawei and Samsung’s wearables). Notwithstanding, if another report is precise, a less expensive fitness band may arrive at the end line before a full-blown OnePlus smartwatch is prepared.

Android Central is revealing that OnePlus will release a fitness band before its regular smartwatch is prepared. The band is relied upon to show up at some point in the first quarter of 2021, and will be priced around $40. That places it in competition with the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, Galaxy Fit2, Wyze Band, and other low-end wearables. The OnePlus band is probably going to have an AMOLED screen, water resistance, and multi-day battery life.

Given the close proximity of OnePlus to Oppo, any fitness band from OnePlus could be founded on the Oppo Band, which was released in June. The Oppo Band has a 1.1-inch AMOLED screen, 12 sports tracking modes, waterproofing up to 50 meters, however no GPS. It costs CNY 199, which works out to be around $30 at the current swapping scale.


PS5 consoles may soon be significantly simpler to purchase

In the event that you’ve been having a few troubles making sure about a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X, you certainly are in good company. In the run-up to Christmas, supply was disappointingly scant, with new consoles selling out pretty much the minute they went in stock anyplace. For the PlayStation 5, in any event, we may see these stock woes ease in the new year – at least assuming a new report is to be believed.

As per DigiTimes (by means of Gematsu), Sony managed to ship 3.4 million PlayStation 5 units worldwide in the console’s first four weeks of accessibility, which is unquestionably a great number. The PlayStation 5 was released in the US, Japan, Australia, South Korea, and New Zealand on November 12th, while it advanced toward Europe and different regions of the world on November 19th. Critically, that sort leaves out the last couple of weeks before Christmas, so it wouldn’t be amazing to discover that total PS5 shipments are somewhat higher now.

Obviously, the PS5 is selling out as fast as Sony and its manufacturing partners can create stock, yet it appears to be that creation will get a lift in the new year too. DigiTimes’ report additionally says that PS5 creation is relied upon to arrive at 16.8 to 18 million units in 2021, which will be aided by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) giving AMD more foundry capacity to produce the PS5’s CPU.

The expectation is that with this extra foundry capacity, downstream creation will have the option to increase also. While PS5 stock will at present be rare in the coming many months, it may not be an excessive amount of longer before stock starts to find interest – accepting, obviously, that DigiTimes’ report (which depends on claims from “industry sources”) is precise.

For the time being, however, the PS5 is rare, and despite the fact that we’re formally on the opposite side of the Christmas shopping season, we don’t anticipate that stock burdens should ease for a brief period in any event. In case you’re attempting to make sure about a console for yourself, make certain to look at our tips and tricks guide for beating the scalpers, bots, and your regular human competition.


Allan Hu shares the secret to entrepreneurial success: an enterprising mindset

Whether you are a 9-to-5 worker exploring how to become a freelancer, a full-time employee seeking to scale up your career or become a founder and CEO of your own firm – when you master the entrepreneurial mindset, you will start to achieve more goals than you ever thought. And Allan Bo Hu certainly is no exception. He believes that having an entrepreneurial mindset is a must to enjoy early success in life.

Becoming an entrepreneur is not for the weak-hearted. During 2013-14, Allan Hu was steadily losing money – about USD 500 a month – for nearly six months until he dropped to zero. Yet, he kept pushing himself further until he began making a six-figure monthly profit. Success is indeed wonderful, but Allan Hu believes that failure is where growth and change occur. He advises people to learn and embrace your mistakes, so they help you pull off a better version of yourselves rather than break you.

Trying to make some cash online since he was 12, Allan Hu – after a series of ups and downs – became a millionaire at the young age of 22, and that too with zero financial assistance or initial capital. He credits his success to his intrinsic motivation, implying that people need to be self-motivated instead of depending on others to motivate them into doing things. For him, staying driven is the key to leading a successful – professionally and personally.

We can control our decisions but not the results in all cases, inevitably. To create a positive mindset, focus on things that you can control and influence, and strive to perceive the results as a lesson of what works and what does not. Talking about Allan Hu, he became considerably obese due to stress and some injuries. Since December 2018, he has lost 73 pounds through continually working out, a gradual caloric deficit, a proper sleep routine, and warding off bad habits such as alcohol and vaping. As these things are under his control, he focuses on doing them instead of fretting over his weight.

Going forward, setting up and running a business might seem extremely rewarding and exciting, yet Allan Hu says that the journey is fraught with obstacles, anxieties, and self-doubts; and that is normal. His insights on the importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset and cultivating vital characteristics associated with success are undoubtedly beneficial in leading a stable lifestyle.


WannerAarts: “My background in YouTube copyrights helped me scale my digital licensing business”

Youtube can be a wonderful place for those hoping to share content and amass revenue but it can also be a treacherous terrain to navigate. Youtube has an intricate copyrighting system and those who are not familiar with it can be tripped up by its many hurdles. This is where WannerAart and his digital licensing company WannerDigital Mediacomes to the rescue. Based out of Amsterdam,Aart has quickly established himself as a digital media expert and his licensing company WannerDigital Media has become the go to company for assisting with Youtube copyright.

Since it launched in2018WannerDigital Media has provided clients with specialized knowledge of Youtube copyrighting. This nuanced understanding of a complicated system has helped the company to go from strength to strength. Through practical research and years of dedication to understanding the process,Aarts has made himself into the authority on Youtube’s copyright system. As a video sharing websiteYouTube has its own set of regulations that adhere to its license policy. Through WannerDigitalMedia,Aartwill help a client to decide which is the best licensing option for them. From the 10th of December 2019 YouTube began to roll out new updated terms of service. This sent brands and content creators into a tailspin,what was already a complicated process was now having further complications added to it. But it was during this time that Aart’s digital licensing company began to flourish and scale up. Holding specialized knowledge of Youtubecopyrighting,Aart was able to maneuver his company into the perfect position to provide essential copywriting assistance to anyone who needed it. Aart says of this timely success;“Youtube is like a living organism that is constantly evolving,and I was able to offer a view into how best to understand its fluid nature.”

Aart began his digital exploits in 2014,launching a channel that quickly amassed 350k subscribers. From there he ascended the ladder of success to reach the elevated level of owning his own business. In 2018 WannerDigital Media launched and became the leading digital marketing company for those navigating copywriting systems. WannerAart has proved that gaining indispensable knowledge on a niche service is the perfect way to become a large scale essential business.


Orel Shitrit: “It was my duty to help small businesses flourish amidst the pandemic”

This year has been unusually cruel to us in many ways starting with the pandemic. The economy has taken a severe beating, and the world is now seeing a stagnation unheard and unseen in living memory. With business struggling, supply has suffered, and lack of employment has also affected demand. While it is difficult to ask help from anyone when all are suffering, it is comforting to know about people who are willing to step up and do the right thing. Orel Shitrit, social media influence, entrepreneur, and former MMA fighter, is reaching out during the pandemic and lending a hand to small businesses in this challenging time.

“Major businesses may have survived at the cost of their employees, but local businesses have been drastically affected, and most are in the process of shutting down. In fact, several businesses have already shut shop. So I decided to find a way to help them,” says Shitrit. He founded Noble Media & Partners, a social media agency through which he helps fellow entrepreneurs as much as he can. “Our business is helping other businesses to thrive. But it becomes a problem when other businesses can’t survive on their own, so we came up with the idea to offer our services for free,” adds Shitrit. And that is exactly what they did. His guidance and time were offered to numerous businesses without any compensation, and the plan worked. Many businesses have bounced back from the pandemic piggybacking on the strong online presence that Shitrit has on social media.

It helps that Shitrit has a reputation for being a social media marketing genius, having leveraged his former success as an MMA fighter to start his own business, learning the ropes while also building his web following. Noble Media & Partners has grown to represent numerous high-profile clients under his leadership and manages several major social media accounts. The firm also handles public relations, ad marketing, and management, as well as e-commerce. So, during the pandemic, Shitrit provided several services for free and offered consultation services for several business ideas and opportunities personally.

There is no doubt that Orel Shitrit has a lot to offer clients. As an entrepreneur and social media genius, his work this year has been inspirational and deserves all the recognition it has received.


Jewelry Brand ENGELSINN Records Record Growth Despite the Health Crisis

The international jewelry brand, ENGELSINN has been growing by leaps and bounds, albeit the COVID-19 pandemic. While many fashion and jewelry brands have been severely affected, the sales of ENGELSINN has witnessed an upward swing despite the social, economic, and personal impact of the pandemic to become one of the most sought-after jewelry brands. This has largely been due to its resilient attitude and commitment to continue providing superior quality and a wide selection of classic and exquisite jewelry and exceptional customer service to its customers.

The Germany-based brand’s stunning collection took the world by storm since its launch last year owing to its trendy collection that is coveted by women who love statement jewelry that’s delicate, classy, and stylish. The young e-commerce brand has a bold presence on social media platforms, and the testament to its exponential growth and popularity is its large following of 350,000 followers on Instagram.

ENGELSINN caters to jewelry in the categories of necklace, bracelet and bracelet sets, and rings, offering elegant pieces in silver, gold, and rose gold. Its minimalist pieces are formal yet casual, which can accentuate any look. The lightweight accessories with contemporary designs make for a delightful addition to the wardrobe. This jewelry is practical to wear to work, formal meetings, and casual gatherings with friends, or even on a date.

Competition notwithstanding, in a brief time period, ENGELSINN soared the heights of popularity and carved a niche for itself as a premium quality brand with a global clientele. Expanding its collection, it now offers armbands for men that complements every personality type and amps up their style quotient.

Launched in April 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany, the company comprised 4 members, which gradually expanded to a team of 20 creative individuals who work diligently to ideate and produce unique and artistic designs that align with the brand’s motto – ‘You are loved. You are blessed. You are beautiful!’. Its focus on maintaining high quality at affordable prices, providing outstanding customer support, and ensuring smooth and quick delivery has gained ENGELSINN worldwide recognition, customer loyalty and made it one of the most trusted and famous brands in the market today.Follow @Engelsinn on Instagram to keep up to date with its latest collection and visit the website: to view and make a purchase from its diverse range of jewelry.


CEO of CatchFood, Ahmad A Najar has changed food ordering online

CEO of CatchFood Ahmad A Najar believes in pursuing the dreams with all his might. He is the founder of and CatchFood. He founded the famous food delivery app CatchFood in 2015. Since then, he has been busy fine-tuning and upgrading the service to bring in fresh waves of convenience and freedom for his customers and business owners.

Catchfood is a leading online and mobile food-ordering app in the middle east with the most comprehensive restaurant partners’ network to help small business owners succeed. It has opened new opportunities for growth in the food and restaurant industry. Today, Najar’s zero commissions model and unlimited orders are again changing the game for the better.

Ahmad A Najar was born in Jordan in March 1989. He nurtured a liking for agriculture at the young age of ten. His siblings are Atieh A Najar, Riyad A Najar, Education has been from Al-Quds Open University, An Najah National University, and then he studied from Washington State University for business education.

He grew up in the technology inspired age and considered himself a website developer. Determined to pursue his passions, Najar worked hard to persevere and achieve his goals.

At his family’s Greek food Restaurant, Ahmad A Najar began to look for new internet technologies to assist with order management during rush hours. Eventually, CatchFood took shape in 2015, and Najar did not need to look back ever since.

One of the milestone events was when CatchFood was ranked amongst the top 100 global startups in 2019. CatchFood processed around 6 million orders and has more than 2 million subscribers. It stands out amongst all other food ordering apps, because it enables users to connect directly with restaurants and their menus. A direct connection puts the customers in control and makes them feel comfortable.

A customer can have multiple and easy ways to make payments directly to merchants for each order. Ahmad Najar is a food tech entrepreneur who has relished early success. Najar has kept making long strides and lately launched the food delivery service and app in the market of the Middle East. The service has swiftly acquired over 10,000 restaurants to select from and has partnerships with multiple big brands such as Subway, Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC, and Papa John’s. The countries it serves include Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan.

Ahmad A Najar wants to share that dreams aren’t a pure fantasy but derive from real-world events, goals, and occurrences. For him, being a dreamer isn’t to live in one’s own world but to hold power. Dreams are the most powerful motivating strength of life.