Meet Akshay Aggarwal, the man of many talents, taking over the world of business.

Under the guidance of his businessman father, Anil Parkash Aggarwal, Akshay has emerged as an astute multipreneur.

The kind of success and the level of momentum certain entrepreneurs across the world have achieved proves the passion, determination and resilience they have shown in their respective journeys. Doing exactly that is a yet another young business talent named Akshay Aggarwal, who at 30 years, under the guidance of his businessman father Anil Parkash Aggarwal, has been taking the business space by storm, with running his family business and entering multiple niches as a multipreneur.

Akshay Aggarwal grew up in a business environment, and since childhood, if anything attracted him the most, it was all things business. He studied management and attained Double Major, both MBA and MSC in international business from the UK in 2012. Soon after finishing his studies, he entered the family business, where his father, Anil Parkash Aggarwal, has been the main promoter, controlling the majority of the company’s shareholding. Akshay Aggarwal has been awarded in the top 20 taxpayers in the individual category in Delhi for a reason. Both he and his father have been the Managing Director of ‘Viney Corporation Limited’, where the latter has 30 years of experience in the auto-component business.

Viney Corporation Limited is a family-owned business and has plants in India, Italy, and Romania
They was a part of the company but left in 2016.
. They also have majority shareholding in Kafila Forge Limited, which was established in 1995, a manufacturer of forged and machined auto components, where they also market its products through Pan-India distribution network, supplying products to OEM’s & Export customers. In 2016, Akshay Aggarwal decided to diversify the business and dipped his hands into niches like entertainment, NBFC, distillery and oil and gas pipelines and education.

Anil Parkash Aggarwal, who also desired to become a venture capitalist did many investments in the entertainment space; the result was The Grub Fest, a food festival, including music, dance and entertainment, which went ahead in becoming a successful venture with international artists performing in India like TYGA and others.

They also own a film production house named ‘Yellow Ant Productions’, a brainchild of Akshay and his cousin Anant. Soon, they will be coming up with an exciting rom-com project with actor Pulkit Samrat and other A-listers. Anil Parkash Aggarwal has even done various investments under his NBFC, Mayuri Fincap, an RBI registered company across sectors like auto companies, private funding, etc. He believes that NBFCs play a major role in boosting the economy, and microfinance is what most people want for starting their businesses.

With Gwalior Distilleries Ltd, Anil Parkash Aggarwal entered the distillery business. They produce ENA for many alcohol manufacturers and have their own brand for supplying to consumers. Optimizing this huge opportunity, Akshay Aggarwal invested a huge amount in making it an international brand. Another investment Akshay made was in the oil and gas pipelines, where the company, AEPL Pvt Ltd, lay pipelines across the country through government or private companies tenders.

They have also entered the education sector and took a franchise of The Shri Ram Global Pre School situated in Dwarka, a preschool for kids up to 5 years. They have now taken another franchise of The Wonderland School, Delhi. To provide better infrastructure and quality education, they entered this niche and successfully moved up the ladder of success.


Simon Cowell’s singing competition series ‘The X-Factor’ was canceled following 17 years

Time to stop the music. Simon Cowell’s singing competition series “The X-Factor” has been canceled following 17 years on the air.

The U.K. channel, ITV, affirmed the news and said “there are no current plans for the next series of ‘The X Factor’ at this stage.”

The show was made by Cowell, 61, and first aired in 2004. As the years progressed, 445 episodes have broadcasted. The last season hit the airwaves in 2018.

The series has launched the careers of a few successful British musicians and boybands that you’ve known about like One Direction, Leona Lewis and Little Mix.

During every episode, singers play out their musical acts on stage as a panel of judges scrutinizes their abilities. Cowell is in charge of the judges’ table close by Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger.

In February 2020, the organization reported that “The X-Factor” would be going on rest, yet would return in 2021. A while later, Kevin Lygo, Director of Television at ITV, uncovered at the virtual Edinburgh TV Festival that there was no assurance that the show could at any point return. “It’s not definitely returning, it might return, and if it does the format will tweak,” he said. “Simon controls it more than we do. When does he want it to come back, how does he want to come back? Hopefully, we can be part of it.”

The previous “American Idol” judge concocted the thought for “The X-Factor” as a swap for “Pop Idol,” the British parent show of the FOX musical competition series. “Pop Idol” initially ran from 2001 to 2003 and brought forth a few international versions.

Cowell’s next TV show will be “Walk the Line,” a musical quiz show for ITV. While the series presently can’t seem to set a premiere date, the six-part show will make a big appearance before the finish of 2021. Every episode will include a few musical acts that will vie for a cash prize.

The two acts avoided standing should need to decide to cash with regards to the game or move to the next step of the competition. The prize will get greater and greater the more extended a contestant stays.


AFL and NRL games deferred as Queensland COVID lockdown transmits codes scrambling

Three AFL games scheduled during the current end of the week have been delayed, with the NRL canceling its Saturday matches as south-east Queensland’s most recent COVID lockdown throws Australia’s significant football codes into chaos.

In the AFL, Gold Coast and Melbourne were because of play on Saturday evening at Carrara Stadium, while Essendon and Sydney were scheduled to meet at the Gabba on Saturday night.

Those games, alongside Sunday’s GWS-Port Adelaide match set for the Gold Coast, have been deferred.

The NRL followed suit soon after by canceling its three Saturday matches. Two games on Sunday are additionally in question.

Super Netball had a planned end of the week off, yet will perspire on improvements during that time to check whether its season is affected as well.

The declaration of south-east Queensland’s most recent lockdown came on Saturday morning after six new locally obtained cases of COVID-19 were affirmed in the state.

All were the Delta variant, prompting the presentation of what Queensland authorities called “the strictest lockdown” Queensland had seen during the pandemic.

“There will be no football matches,” Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said.

“So no community sport, no professional sport, nothing for the next three days. Starting as of 4:00pm today.”

The news surprised many, including a VFL match between the Suns and Southport Sharks on the Gold Coast, which was brought to an abrupt end midway through the first quarter when the lockdown was declared.


The International Space Station briefly knocked off course by Russian ‘Nauka’ module

The International Space Station has been lost track after a recently docked Russian science lab malfunctioned.

NASA affirmed the incident happened when the Russian lab – named Nauka – “inadvertently fired its thrusters while docked” at the space station.

Nauka was launched last week from Kazakhstan, requiring eight days to arrive at the ISS where it will fill in as an airlock, research lab and storage unit to support Russian activities at the station.

“All systems are operating normally” after Mission Control teams “corrected the action”, NASA confirmed, reassuring the public “the crew was never in any danger”.

“The station is back in attitude control and in good shape.”

Nauka’s fizzling made the ISS lose attitude by half a degree per second, moving similarly as 45 degrees out of alignment.

ISS Program Manager Joel Montalbano told a press conference after the occurrence the team “really didn’t feel any movement.”

NASA uncovered the engines broke down at 12:45pm ET, only three hours in the wake of docking at the ISS, and required about an hour to regain control of the station.

NASA experts at the Johnson Space Center in Houston said there was a “tug-of-war” among Nauka and a Russian service module’s thrusters to right the station’s orientation.

Russian news office TASS detailed Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, ascribed Nauka’s thruster malfunction to the module working with residual fuel in the craft.

Nauka was at first due for launch in 2007 yet was altogether deferred because of technical issues, including the contamination of its fuel system for 2013.

The ISS is as of now monitored by seven team individuals from NASA, Roscosmos, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and the European Space Agency.


Bony Amin Shaznuz -The Young Star who making his impact on the younger generation with his talented works and performances

Bony Amin Shaznuz Is a Musical Artist, Digital Marketer & a Web Developer.

He is already verified as (OAC) YouTube official artist channel, Google Knowledge Panel & largest music platform on Spotify and some others platform.

Bony Amin Shaznuz was born in 12 January 2003 who is making a bang in the song industry with his extraordinaryn umbers and a great fan base is uprising in a very short time centering Bony Amin Shaznuz.

Moreover, Bony Amin Shaznuz is a youtuber who is in the top trending list in right now. He is competing with the worldwide youtubers in terms of subscribers andv iewers. It is really an honor for him as well as for our country that right now he is in the topt rending list. In the near future we will be able to see him in the world ranking in the youtube industry.

Bony Amin Shaznuz is a Musician,web developer, graphic designer and e entrepreneur.he has a big it related platform named ‘Webeez-It’. He is also a owner of Ecommerce websites named ssreca. Those platforms are working for people.

Personally he likes programming.he has a well knowledge about php and python.he played cricket well.

Finally we can say that he is a idol of young generation and others.Bony Amin Shaznuz is becoming an inspirational figure within the music and digital marketing sector for the youths who are dreaming to be like Shaznuz.


EZDex Officially Launches on Uniswap and Trust Wallet

As many centralized exchanges experience embarrassing situations like shutdowns, outages, and increasing regulation troubles, the tide has already begun to turn in the cryptocurrency world as decentralized exchanges (DEXs) become more mainstream. At the lead of this new tide is Uniswap whose trading volume has been continually increasing over the past few months and has now become the largest pool of cryptocurrency funds among its peers.

Now, EZDex’s platform token EZX has launched on Uniswap and with the influence of Uniswap will become a huge draw for value investors all over the DeFi world. For Uniswap V3, the biggest upgrades were improving the efficiency of transactions and lowering transaction slippage. At the same time, Uniswap also greatly increased the strictness of its review process for letting tokens list on their platform. Uniswap’s listing of EZX on their platform thus demonstrates EZDex’s solid standing in the DeFi community as well as Uniswap officials’ high hopes for the success and development of EZDex.

Within 24 hours of EZDex launching on Uniswap, the trading volume for EZX reached $720,000 USD which shows its great popularity throughout the world.

Not only that, Trust Wallet has also recently announced support for EZX. EZX holders can now manage and store their EZX using Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet is an open-source mobile wallet app that integrates security and anonymity. It’s also the fastest wallet on Ethereum and supports ERC 20, ERC 223 and ERC 721 tokens. It can currently store more than 20,000 different ERC 20 tokens

Now, not only imToken but also Trust Wallet and other wallets all support the storage and management of the EZDex platform token, EZX. At the same time, the EZDex official team will continue to maintain close contact with various wallet officials so that more wallets can support EZX in the future.

EZDex’s ecology is also expanding rapidly as the number of EZX holders and transactions have officially broken through the 5,000 and 10,000 barriers respectively. At the same time, EZDex has also garnered a high degree of attention and interaction on social media. As of July 25, EZDex had reached 12,944 followers on Twitter, 9,085 members on Discord, 16,597 members on Telegram,and 1,350 members on YouTube.

The EZDex team will continually improve and innovate, deploying more decentralized derivatives and investment vehicles in a wider range of areas in the future. Through the openness, security, and transparency of the blockchain, EZDex will be able to provide high-quality services to more people, making EZX into the next star DeFi product, and gradually expanding the global market. EZDex will continue to bring many pleasant surprises to its users as we all look forward to more innovative DeFi applications and thereby promote the prosperity and development of the entire DeFi ecosystem.


Soumya Ranjan Chakra is turning heads as a Social Media Influencer

Soumya Ranjan Chakra is a Social media influencer and internet personality. He’s also a digital creative, using his Instagram photography and graphic design as part of his work. His Facebook following is 400K, while his Instagram following is 200K

He’s established a significant online presence in a short period of time. He is trying to inspire youngsters. Even though he believes success is achievable in every stream, all you need is to know about that stream, get appropriate preparation and execution, and good intentions. He believes that small-town kids don’t need to go to a larger city to have success in their career.

He was born and raised in the state of Keonjhar, Odisha. Social media platforms were always his interest, but he never finished his education. To satisfy his interest in the subject, he took a job in it. According to him, he has personal branding and digital marketing competence, as well as photo editing and social media promotion abilities. When he has the time, he enjoys travelling and reading. The easy-going fitness fanatic and the simple boy-next-door describes him in his daily life.


Akshay Kumar S – The Young Man Making It Big

Mr. AKSHAY KUMAR S is an undergraduate student. He is currently studying engineering course, pursuing in mechanical stream; second year in R V INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT.

He is an Engineer to be in a couple of years. He is from the Silicon city, IT hub-Bengaluru , Karnataka state. He has always been a keen learner and a competent professional. In any field, his efforts are sincere, meticulous and result oriented .

He doesn’t have a specific area of interest, you can call him an allrounder. Whatever work he does, he gives one hundred percent and does it to the fullest with a lot of dedication and determination.

He is a hard worker as well as a smart worker. He is an occasional singer, good orator and a writer, loves watching and playing cricket and football, and every other sport.

He is socially connected and responsible, and doesn’t get setbacked in any situation.

He always follows and has inculcated a line :”DHAIRYAM SARVATHRA SAADHANAM” (Courage is tool everywhere).

In fact, coming into this field was next level accidental and unexpected.

I just participated in an online poetry competition named esuper.7 which was highest ranked in google and I wanted the certificate to feel proud, but I didn’t even think something big is yet to come beyond this.

I have Been a co-author and contributed to many anthologies and publications of books in a very short span of time(in less than one month), participated in many writing contests by submitting my technical articles which are very helpful for the present world like( 5G technology, solar windows, neuralink, deliverance of life saving oxygen, hydrogen fuel vehicles etc) also got consolation prize or a special mentions for the article from the jury panel in a particular writing competition. 

Participated in many poetry competitions , two to three national level poetry competitions one of which conducted by (highest rated online contest organizer on GOOGLE) and many more, also received the certificates for the same.

Writings are submitted to the national level writing contests too. Received many appreciations from the organisers and compilers that they have suggested my name and contact details to many of the others to rope in me for their works and contests. I have also secured top 3 positions in some competitions.

According to me success is self satisfaction. I have achieved this in every step and every moment irrespective of the results, but still thanks would be such a small word, beyond it-

I want to thank my parents, teachers, friends, well wishes and each and everyone who was and is on this journey. Special mentions to all the compilers and contest organizers.

My only motivation is my work and myself. There is nothing above it. Just like the rockets is

launched after when the fire is lit underneath, the same way until my work , of any category, is there; completing and fulfilling it without any compromises and achieving irrespective of the size Is what matters.

I don’t think about the future, the future is too long ; I don’t think about the next moment itself. All that pertains to me is that moment and Iam happy to be here irrespective of positive or negative.

To advise anyone; keep calm, don’t think or bother much, do all your work, never expect anything. Just go on with your deeds, you will win one day, you will be appreciated for your work.

Sit back, chill and relax.

Iam soon to be notified and verified on google as founder and CEO of my own company.

Out of 800 writings , my writings were selected in the top 35.

This shows my strength and capabilities.

I am just a budding writer and I am crawling into this field, but in spite of everything, I have got numerous appreciation for his writings, thoughts, expressions and communications. Iam nominated in various awards, all the results were shown SUCCESS. This is what Iam contributing to the field as a budding one, being very passionate enough . Nothing much stories to tell about me, all is that; This is just a beginning!


Elon Musk declares Tesla AI Day on August 19

Elon Musk declares a date, August 19, for Tesla AI Day, an occasion to share progress in the automaker’s product and equipment improvement identified with man-made reasoning.

The CEO plans to utilize the occasion as an enlisting stage for Tesla’s AI group.

Throughout the most recent couple of years, Tesla began holding occasions, not actually to disclose new items, however to introduce new advances that it has been dealing with in specific fields.

For instance, it held a “Tesla Autonomy Day” back in 2019 and a “Tesla Battery Day” last year.

Last month, CEO Elon Musk declared that Tesla will hold another occasion called “Tesla AI Day”:

Today, Musk affirmed that Tesla intends to hold the occasion on August 19.

The CEO repeated that the objective will be enlisting AI ability. Musk added: “convincing the best AI talent to join Tesla is the sole goal.”

Consequently, we can expect the show not to be effectively available to the overall population and designed for those generally acquainted with the AI field.

Tesla’s AI group is driven by Andrej Karpathy, who is frequently introducing at AI gatherings. We ought to anticipate that he should show up at Tesla’s AI Day.

The automaker as of now has a profound list of AI, PC vision, and neural net trained professionals, however the enlisting is very cutthroat in those fields.

Tesla desires to separate itself by showing gifts that their commitments can rapidly prompt certifiable uses of AI in Tesla items.

On the software front, Tesla is required to deliver refreshes on its work to foster neural nets to control its PC vision framework.

On the hardware front, Tesla is relied upon to give a report on its supercomputer program, which will prompt Tesla Dojo, an impending supercomputer advanced for neural net preparing.

While the spotlight is required to be on self-driving, Tesla could likewise examine different uses of AI in its items and activities.


Dr. Mohammad Zeinali will participate in the Swiss International Ghetto Competition 2021 with a project in the field of aerospace

Interestingly, the reporters have noticed that Dr. Mohammad Zeinali, the top, and popular Iranian inventor, has taken part in this competition many times. Regarding that Dr. Mohammad Zeinali has already won many gold medals, it is expected to make Iran proud again, with an outstanding invention in the field of aerospace (a radio connection between all satellites (or spacecraft) and terrestrial stations), to perform as usual and win the gold medal in this competition.

Dr. Mohammad Zeinali’s brief biography

Dr. Mohammad Zeinali with the age of 40 has a Ph.D. degree in Management and Telecommunications, and 3-year experience as a Master of Electrical Electronics. He is also the Telecommunication contractor of Isfahan province for installation and commissioning of BTS (mobile) towers, 118 transportation and response, co-working with Gostar Moj company in different years. Furthermore, he was the production manager of Caspian Electronics (a company for manufacturing electronic equipment), a designer and lecturer, teaching ideation for the elites of Tehran, Ashura State girl’s High School in the year 1390-91, and honorary reporter of IQNA (Iranian Quranic News Agency).

His top and well-known inventions:

1-    Solar City Design (eco-city), the associated maquette is in the Museum of the City of Science of the Holy Shrine of Abdolazim Hassani.

2-    Electronic bracelet for monitoring criminals and prisoners

3-    Inventing a radio telescope and publishing an introduction book on radio telescope along with teaching its construction and design

4-    Programming an education app in health and healthy lifestyle

5-    Designing and building a Phoenix central digital receiver that connects to digital networks with no need for individual digital receivers in every single TV. This is appliable in large complexes such as hotels, hospitals, prisons, etc.

6-    Hunter, the drug trackers

Currently, he is in charge of the television network management of Esteghlal Club, and also, he has launched this network from the beginning.

The vastness of the exhibition and the number of participants (representatives of the countries) and visitors

On average, annually about 1000 inventors from 45 different countries attend this international event in an area of 8500 square meters in the permanent location of the International Exhibitions in Geneva, also the average number of visitors to this exhibition is about 100,000 people which almost half of them are specialists and investors top factories and production centers.

The Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions is held annually under the direct supervision and support of the Swiss Federal Government and the Mayor of Geneva and with the support of the United Nations Intellectual Property Organization WIPO, the IFIA World Federation of Inventors, Scientific and Research Organizations, and Inventors-Related Centers and Ministries of Science, education, and research conducted in more than 45 of the leading countries, including France, Germany, Romania, Russia, Croatia, Malaysia, Hungary, Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain, South Korea, and Taiwan which the 49th round of this international event will be held in March 2022.