3 Adventure Sports That Can Be Great Confidence/Team Building Exercises!

3 Adventure Sports That Can Be Great Confidence/Team Building Exercises!

There are hundreds of team building activities but nothing get the adrenaline flowing like adventure sports. If you are trying to build confidence among your team members, nothing can work better than having them face pseudo threats which they would eventually overcome. Indulging in adventure sports together not only enables the team members to become confident about taking on challenges in the work field, it also builds trust among the team that goes through the exercise together, because they would find themselves in a position where they have to count on each other for their safety. Here are some adventure sports that can be great team building activities.

  1. White water rafting kolad

Also popularly known as river rafting, this is an adventure sport where an inflated raft is to meander on a stream where the flow of the water is usually rough, thereby posing a challenge to navigation and sustenance of balance. All the members on board are provided with an oar, and they are all to work together in coordination to keep the raft going in the desired direction without being turned over. It can be very exciting, provided the amount of risk involved, and each member would be dependent on others for safety. This can be a great trust building activity, and the outdoor experience in the lap of nature is sure to be rejuvenating.

There are adventure camps in Kolad that safely organize such adventure sports as white water rafting Kolad. They ensure that the sports are 100% safe.

  • Rock Climbing or Mountaineering

Another outdoor sports that is popular as a team building activity is rock climbing. There are empowerment camps that can organize everything on behalf of the corporates. There is a sleep wall with protruding rocks which on has to climb to reach the peak. The entire adventure is secured by providing the players with harnesses and other safety equipment. Two or more people can be asked to work together, which in turn would teach them to depend on each other. On safe completion of the project, they are bound to feel a sense of respect for the tenacity on their team members.

For people who would like to make the sports more adventurous, there is an alternative to climb rocks on real mountains. This however would require the members to be fit but the whole program can be all the more exhilarating.

  • Rope Walking

This is a sport where a taught rope between two established stations has to be traversed by each person playing the game. While the rope walking is to be done by one person as a time, it requires certain skills like poise, balance, focus, and courage to do the impossible. Once again it brings to light the fact that the person is not afraid to face challenges heads on, an attitude that demands respect. This would serve two purposes at once, the employee would learn to trust their own abilities, and their colleagues too would see their strength.

This adventure sports which double as confidence as well as team building activities are great choices for corporates that are looking for ways to give their employees the boost they need.