Why I Left Soundcloud!

Why I Left Soundcloud!

The Internet has become an excellent platform for people to get connected to the world and show their talents to the viewers. A lot of singers and composers have gained popularity through YouTube or SoundCloud. But with the time these sites have become overly crowded, causing YouTube and other such sites have implied restrictions on the monetization of the videos and getting the real talent through to the producers and music directors.

So, to ease the difficulty of new music composers and singers, Blaststreams is providing an excellent platform to channel their music talents. Also, it is an excellent site for those who want to listen to new great music compositions.

Some of the key features that make Blaststreams exceptional from other sites such as Soundcloud, YouTube, or Spotify are:

Easy uploading:

You can easily upload your beats or songs on the site and can apply for monetization rather than waiting for a certain amount of likes or views.

Official accounts of music producers:

The site has official accounts of music producers and composers so you can easily connect to them and get successful in signing up for some professional work on SoundCloud, where there are also loads of Soundcloud promotion available.

Learning opportunity:

Apart from music uploading and earning money online, Blaststreams also provide a chance to learn about your music type and other technicalities.

Larger audience:

This platform provides you with an opportunity to connect to a more significant number of viewers, thus increasing your online earning chances and also for gaining more attention to your music. So if you want to get famous, you must go for this site because YouTube and other places have too many people uploading that the chances of your music getting viewed are scarce.

Reasonable packages:

The site offers a free package and also some premium packages at very reasonable rates and fantastic benefits. So, you can start free, This is much more beneficial than any other system as its dedicated to Music producers and is not trying to rip of the industry like other platforms .when you feel like it’s worth trying, you can go Pro.