Fortel Creating New Jobs in the Construction industry

Fortel Creating New Jobs in the Construction industry

Fortel mission is to provide the best construction labor for construction and civil engineering projects. To compete with the challenges of the construction industry, we prefer to hire professional construction engineers, civil engineers, data science specialists, and other construction labor to provide excellent services and for the good management of our civil engineering projects.

Fortel priority is to manage projects of our clients with great reliability, feasibility and consistency and all these things are possible due to our experienced and professional workforce. With the progress and expansion of our business, we regularly hire workers to meet the challenges of the construction industry.

As a professional company, Fortel hire competent workers in various sectors. Our professional workforce can work in varying circumstances and our professional teams competently complete projects and task with reliability as we excellently equip our worker with modern-day construction equipment to meet challenges and demand work. Fortel mainly hire construction workers, security guards, groundworkers, security officers and cleaners and train our candidates according to respective domains. Fortel hire qualified CCTV operators, excavator operator cleaning operators, and general operators and train the workforce for the job.

Fortel frequently hire professional workers in the following domain.

Fortel hire civil engineers, data science experts, drones’ operators, data collection experts, and mechanical engineers that work in a land survey. We don’t believe in a manual survey of the land. Fortel focus on the use of the drone for the collection of visual data from different construction areas of the construction site and our software operator convert the data into different types of map. Our workforce can generate multiple maps through a quick land survey in very less time duration. Our drone operator manages the flight time and other technicalities for with we train our drone operators and other land survey staff for excellent performance in real-time visual data collection and map generation.

Fortel mainly focus on quality control and time management is due to our inspection department. We hire skilled inspection officers, data engineers, civil engineers to focus on the reliability and safety of our civil engineering project.

The progress of the construction project is monitored by a separate team that analyzes the speed and safety of ongoing work on the construction sites. Our inspection department fully cares about the safety and reliability of the project. Real-time inspection requires trained and experienced staff and professionals that can analyze and control the progress of the construction project in real-time. For this purpose, Fortelhires qualified staff to meet the demands of Inspection department.

Fortel offer industry leading conditions and wellbeing package to our workers with multiple facilities. We provide highly demanding education, training, health and wellbeing packages and insurances to our workers. 

Fortel have set exceptional trends in market that are being followed by our competitors now. We are providing different testing services to examine performance demands for our workers that includes alcohol and drug test. We constantly upgrading and supporting our teams with professional staff and operators for which jobs are being created to meet the challenges and demands of construction industry.

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