4 Steps To Become a Real Estate Agent in Dubai’s Thriving Industry

4 Steps To Become a Real Estate Agent in Dubai’s Thriving Industry

Dubai is getting a lot of boosts in the real estate industry in recent years. The Palm Islands, which consists of Palm Jumeirah, Deira, and Palm Jebel Ali, now offers a lot of residential options for ex-pats, students, and business executives. And properties come with different varieties depending on your budget and preferences. That’s why it is never surprising to also see the increase in the number of real estate agents in the area.

It seems like being a real estate agent is a viable career option in Dubai right now. Fortunately, if you’re already a real estate agent in your home, you can start working as one in Dubai after passing some requirements. Although there are trusted sites like Fazwaz that offers property listings, the job of a broker is still an essential part of a real estate business. Here are the four steps each aspiring agent should pass to start working in Dubai.

1. Research for the Best and Most Trusted Brokerage Firms

Here’s an important decision to make before becoming a Dubai real estate agent: choosing the best brokerage firms. Likely, top brokerage firms will only get the top of the crop and are experts in their field. The firm you’ll choose will also be the one to provide you with other things such as necessary visas to enable your employment in the city. It’s recommended that you choose trusted brokerages known for valuing their agents’ welfare.

2. Get a Residency Visa

To become an agent or a broker in Dubai, you need to submit proof that you’re going to be practicing your craft in the area. This means you need to obtain a residency visa and become a legal resident of Dubai. Your employer should vouch for it for you, but in case you don’t have one, try contacting some brokerage firms first. Each residency visa is valid for two years and needs to be renewed.

3. Attend the RERA Certified Training

All the new agents will have to take the Certified Training for Real Estate Brokers that costs about AED 2,500. This training is usually a two-day affair and needs to be attended personally. Each training course is held at the RERA Training Center. Take note that the payment should be made personally and before the class. Don’t forget to bring your passport and visa copy.

4. Pass the RERA Exam

After the training, new agents are expected to pass the RERA exam, which is offered by the Dubai Real Estate Institute. Once you passed the exam, you can now start to work as a real estate agent in Dubai. If you’re going to work in the area for more than one year, make sure to renew your license every year. Your license will be given to you by your broker once it is available. All you have to do is to hone your skills as a real estate agent.