7 Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

7 Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

We all like to think we will never be victims of house burglaries, but they could happen to anyone. There are thousands of home burglaries reported daily. These incidents can be prevented by taking some simple measures. Here are seven such measures you can take to make your home more secure.

Check Your Doors

Burglars commonly use the front door when they enter a house. They may also use the backdoors during home invasions. Paying close attention to your doors is key to keeping your house secure.

You need to ensure your door locks are functioning properly. Adding a deadbolt to your door lock will provide even more security. The frame of your door should be strong enough that it can’t be damaged easily. Adding a reinforcement plate or a strike box will make it tougher for anyone to push a locked door open.

Consider Installing a Security System

Installing a home security system is an effective deterrent against unwanted home invasions. There are multiple home security options available. Some are very simple and can be easily installed by homeowners. But there are some that are more complicated and will require using the services of a security professional for installation.

With ADT Smart Home, you will get a lot more than motion detectors and window and door alarms. It is integrated with Smart Home features to offer comprehensive security. You can access your security camera in real-time through online platforms, meaning you can monitor your home even from a remote location. These systems also have recording features so you can check footage in case an incident takes place.

Openly Display Security Signs

Security alarm systems are very effective at preventing break-ins. However, what is an even bigger deterrent is letting a potential burglar know you have installed a security system in your house. Just having signboards displaying the name and logo of your security company is enough to deter anyone from breaking in, especially if it is an easily recognized company like ADT.

Burglars are mostly opportunistic and so they prefer going for soft targets. If a burglar sees a security company logo on a house wall, they will think twice before entering it. They would much rather look to rob a house where security systems have not been installed.

Keep Your Home Exterior Well Lit

Although burglaries happen in daylight too, criminals have a clear preference for conducting their activities in dark hours. A house with little or no exterior lighting will be a prime target for a night home invasion. Not only will a dimly lit exterior provide cover for burglars, but it will also make it difficult for them to be identified even if there are cameras installed. Keeping your yard well lit will make burglars uncomfortable in invading your property.

Think like a burglar when installing exterior lights. Look for dark spots around your house. Be sure to cover both the back and front of your house. If you have any side doors or windows, add lights there as well. Lights with motion sensors will act as a better deterrent than regular lights.

Keep Your Windows Secure

Windows are also commonly used by burglars as an access point to people’s homes. A burglar is likely to use windows on the first floor. But they may also use windows on other floors as well as in basements. Install locks to your windows and ensure they can’t be opened by someone standing outside.

If you are unsure about the reliability of your window locks, install new locks. You may also install other safety hardware that prevents windows from being opened from the outside.

Install CCTV Cameras

No one wants to come on camera when committing a crime. The same is the case with burglars committing house robberies. Naturally, a CCTV camera is a burglar’s worst nightmare. It will act as a very strong deterrent.

You now have a lot of options for CCTV camera systems. There are many different types of cameras and where you can place them. They are also connected to the internet so you can monitor your home even when you are not there.

Remove Any Cover That May Be Exploited by Burglars

Your home may look nice if you grow bushes or other plants around the exterior. However, they may also provide convenient cover to criminals looking to break into your home. Burglars can hide in these bushes to wait for the right time to commit their crimes.

Sometimes a tall enough tree can also be used to access second-floor windows. Burglars may use this option to invade your home. So it will be better to avoid this possibility by not planting trees outside your home.

Summing Up

Taking these basic measures will definitely improve your home security. However, this is not all that needs to be done. You still have to ensure your doors and windows are locked at night and when you are outside your house. You also need to be very careful with spare keys. Make sure that only people who live in your house or those who you trust have access to your spare keys. It is also good advice to change the code of your security system every year, in case it has been unknowingly compromised.