Develop cold chain best (DCB) to change the traditional medical landscape and solve the global new crown virus crisis

Develop cold chain best (DCB) to change the traditional medical landscape and solve the global new crown virus crisis

Develop cold chain best (DCB) vaccine cold chain technology + blockchain technology uses the technical characteristics of blockchain distributed accounting, openness and transparency, non-tampering and traceability, and comprehensively refines the overall monitoring of the vaccine supply chain , To realize the traceability of the whole process of vaccines from raw materials, production, sales, cold chain storage and transportation to vaccination, so as to establish a technical safety barrier for the production, sales and seeding of vaccines.

Develop cold chain best (DCB) blockchain technology can track the manufacturing and distribution information of medicines across the entire supply chain, thereby ensuring that medicines are properly stored and processed and preventing counterfeit medicines from entering the market.

Trace product traceability, check raw materials, and realize the safe and effective operation of cold chain transportation from production to sales! Ensure the timeliness of the drug effect. Solve the preservation and storage of some data, prevent the loss of data, delay the process and slow down the efficiency, and have the privacy to prevent the leakage of vaccines, vaccinations, user data, and major data.

Develop cold chain best (DCB) is currently in cooperation with Southeast Asia, (Indonesia, Rumah Sakit Agung), the Philippines, Laos, (Malaysia, Wad Bersalin Hospital Dungun) and other countries, through charitable assistance to carry out medical upgrades to help them solve the vaccine Production, transportation and storage issues. Reached relevant cooperation with medical institutions in East Asia, South Korea, Japan, China (People’s Hospital), (Thailand, Pattaya City Hospital). It is used for the practical application of DCB technology. It is expected that in the next 1-2 months, DCB technology will enter the European region, and business negotiations will be held with Bulgaria, Serbia, Italy, Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, etc., so that DCB technology can be more widely used. Support and promotion. Now that the DCB technology research and development has entered the final stage, it is expected that the DCB Foundation will start the first fund-raising in the next one to two months, and all funds will be used for the development and upgrade of DCB technology. At present, DCB has been listed and traded on the designated trading platform, and it is currently showing a good upward trend. With the continuous upgrading of DCB technology, it will log on to other well-known trading platforms in the future, and the market value will continue to soar.

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