Paul Prince, The Entrepreneur with many talents, what’s new with him?

Paul Prince, The Entrepreneur with many talents, what’s new with him?

First and foremost a film producer, writer and director, Paul Prince have done some remarkable work in the industry, after writing and directing a short series called “the mission”, he produced and directed a short film called “wrong decisions” that was set to premiere on March 15 in Montreal but postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. the film follows a cop journey and decisions he makes throughout the day, confronted by being human and a cop. You can now watch the trailer on YouTube. He also have his book, with a very interesting and captivating title “Lost in Europe” , a love story of a couple from different parts of the world, that meets and travels Europe together, it also describe the Europe that many people don’t know, the behind the curtains of Europe I would call it.

It’s set to come out on July 24, 2020

If that didn’t impress you, he also have an album coming up called “in my corner”, projected to be released in end of July or mid August 2020, this album have some very intriguing title that will make you jump of your seats start dancing, to sit down and meditate, to show with your friends, or to beautiful melody in a background when you on a date. My favourite titles are confidence, what it do , which he made with members of the 4040crew ( Avery Soul and Big South).

Damaged is set to release on June 30th, talks about the struggle of growing up as a black man. Great song make sure to listen to it, with his business partner Don Bondo. Both Co-owners of Jebomedia Inc. A Canadian video and film company established in 2016. This multifaceted artist also holds a show called the plug on Sundays interviewing many artists and entrepreneurs of different fields. It’s also shown as a podcast on YouTube and Spotify by the name of the plug circle.

What else can we expect from Paul Prince? We never know what’s on the mind of this man, but it’s always intriguing to see what he has coming up.

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