Aptitudes required for becoming a successful architect and designer Professor Morteza Seddigh

Aptitudes required for becoming a successful architect and designer Professor Morteza Seddigh

Aptitudes required for becoming a successful architect and designer

Professor Morteza Seddigh is one of the best-known architects who received his doctorate in architecture in 2010 from the Iran University of Science and Technology.

In addition, he has experience teaching at the Universities of Science and Technology, Shahid Rajaei, Islamic Art of Tabriz, Qom State University, Higher Education Center of the Islamic Revolution, Jondishapur University, Azad University of Dezful, Jihad University of Qom, Chabahar International University, Deilaman Non-Profit Higher Education Institute, Payame Noor University of Tehran, Islamic Azad University of North Tehran, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Kharazmi University, Islamic Azad University of South Tehran, Islamic Azad University of Arak and University of Science and Culture.

He also has sports honors in his professional records, including being a member of the Iranian national karate team and a second-class karate referee.

His interviews and TV programs are:

  1. 2007 Interview with “Negah No” Magazine
  2. 2009 Interview with Electronic Magazine 
  3. 2009 Interview with Yazd University Magazine 
  4. 2006 Performing a sketch program on channel 4 
  5. 2014 Interview with Hamshahri Architecture Magazine (Tehran Municipality) 
  6. 2010 Interview with IBNA News Agency for the first book of architecture education in English 
  7. 2016 Interview with 808 
  8. 2018 Interview with “the speech of an architect.” 
  9. 2018 Preparation of Rando comprehensive training video with the center of Ama

Cultural Activities 

  1. Designing the building plan of Hamedan City Mosque
  2. Member of the Holy Quran Foundation of Hamedan Province
  3. Presenting a seminar in favor of the Tehran Autism Association for teachers in the first and second districts of Tehran in the holy month of Ramadan
  4. Cooperation in the construction and design of the decor of the sacred shrine of Imam Ali in Ramadan to present to the Fajr Fashion and Clothing Festival 
  5. Help and cooperation in creating the first series of Documentary, “Lost Heritage.”
  6. Help and collaboration in making the second series of Documentary, “Lost Heritage.”
  7. Collaboration with Sarabis Art Group to hold a conference on Persian Garden, Iranian Clothing

One of the concerns of many young people and those interested in architecture and design is becoming successful architects and designers. We all desire and plan for our future career success during our education; however, according to the necessities of society and the type of effort, we each find our position in some way. Some are satisfied with this position, and some are dissatisfied.

But to become a successful person in any field, you must acquire the initial steps with sufficient knowledge and plan.

Selecting the primary specialization of architecture

Architecture is divided into several specialties—architecture, interior design, facade design, landscape design, etc.

To make the way more accessible and moderate, you should follow one of your favorite fields professionally. Of course, you can be active in general, but the best option is to choose a specialty. You will succeed when you reach a high level of expertise in the field. Because you will be the first one to speak and many people will be attracted to your high knowledge.

For example, you want to specialize in facade design: first, you learn how to design a facade, and then you learn different types of styles. You will also be looking to learn all the possible materials for the show. Learn specialized facade design software, and you will use them effectively. There will be no unconquerable challenges in facade design for you.

Sufficient knowledge about architecture

Theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge are two separate categories. Theoretical knowledge includes resources, rules, and regulations of architecture and design in various fields. Although this knowledge is necessary, it will not be effective without practical experience. But let us not forget that specialized architectural magazines and up-to-date papers on the knowledge of architecture and various designers from all over the world can assist us a lot.

Maybe an architect in Italy is facing a challenge that you are facing in Iran. The architect’s solution to the challenge can be an option for you and add to your knowledge. You will not become a successful person unless you know the whole design and implementation of your particular major in architecture. Good ideas need to be implemented, so designing is not just your job, but it would help if you came up with a plan that works. Do not ignore this case. Your adequate knowledge can be a strong shield for you.

Being up to date in architecture

Every knowledge is progressing and being improved every single day. Architectural knowledge is no exception. Architecture with new styles, green and nature-friendly architecture, etc., is considered up-to-date knowledge and should be kept up with it. New materials scientists offer to the world of architecture, and successful architects use them in their projects. Up-to-date software is designed for the world of architecture and tries to make the work of the architect more comfortable and at the same time better.

In either case, you will not succeed if you stay back and do not level up your knowledge.

Experience in architecture

Although students of all ages must stay up to date, you will not succeed until you gain experience. By completing tens and hundreds of projects, you can achieve knowledge and adequate experience. Do not forget that no matter how high your theoretical knowledge is, if you do not face challenges in practice and design, you can not master your job 100%.

Experimental tips for architectural success

Be an ambitious and creative architect. Do not be afraid of creativity in your field at all. Even if your ideas are not accepted, try to improve and implement them. Never be afraid to express your views and opinions.

Try to know all the famous and successful people in architecture. Knowing the resume and identifying the people who work in this field can be a model for you. Also, if possible, apply for internships and work with great masters of architecture. The more you can enter the leading network of architects, the more successful you will be.

Try to solve a problem for the audience. In the first place, this can be very general, but paying attention to this point will pave the way for you. Achieve your cravings and problems by consulting and talking with the employer and become a successful architect by solving them.

Do not underestimate technology. The latest technologies in the world help people in every field. So remember to keep pace with it. Today, programs have been designed to virtually place the viewer’s desired devices online at the same time by holding the phone’s camera in space. This technology is up to date and is used in other countries worldwide. So interior designers need to think about innovation to not lag behind this program.

Do not despair, and do not give up soon. We have always heard that the most successful people were once defeated. You do not need to fail, but you should try not to be disappointed. Many of your customers think they know everything. Try not to be influenced by them.

Be distinguishable. You are unique. So try to make your work and your design memorable as well. Mere imitations and copying of other architects can not benefit you.