Are Float Tanks Safe for Pregnant Women?

Are Float Tanks Safe for Pregnant Women?

This question has been the most frequently asked question by expectant mothers and the answer is a big YES! It is perfectly safe for pregnant women to go for float tank therapy in general, however due to the various ways that pregnancy effects women, it is advised that expectant mothers check with their doctors before trying a float tank regardless of the fact that there have not been any reports of pregnant mums being affected by float tanks in any way whatsoever. 

As a matter of fact, all the reports that have come to light reveal that float tanks do wonders for pregnant women simply because while undergoing the therapy during pregnancy, the added weight carried by these woman which is a constant strain on their bodies is alleviated especially their spinal column and feet. 

Apart from that, the therapy has also been found to promote excellent sleep and a general overall positive sense of well-being. Pregnant or not, it is true that float tanks calibrate our biological chemical balances assists with all types of pains and aches which naturally would include the pains or discomforts that are associated with pregnancy. 

The plus point for expectant mothers to take the therapy is the fact that the ‘floating’ environment induces a certain heightened sensitivity to the existence of the baby growing within them which strengthens their biological connection with the baby which some regard as the profound and inimitable experience of “mirroring”.

From a logical point of view this would make sense as the baby would be floating in a quiet, warm, dark and secure environment while their mother is doing the exact same thing – thus ‘mirroring’. 

However, as mentioned earlier circumstances related to pregnancies are particularly unique depending on the biological make-up of the expectant mother and as such it is critical that prior to submitting to float tank sessions, a discussion on the matter with a health care professional is critical towards the health of the mother and baby. Some of the more relevant information that expectant mothers may find to be useful is that each float session lasts anywhere between 45 minutes to 90 minutes in a ‘compartment’ that is filled with an Epsom salt solution that is heated to about 95 degrees. Epsom salt contains a high level of Magnesium Sulphate or MgSO4 which is easily absorbed by the skin into our system. 

However, magnesium absorbed through the skin is actually more of a good thing and thus far, there have not been any reports that show that Magnesium absorption during float tank therapy produces any negative side effects to anyone. The Epsom salt solution is sterilised after each session via a special filtration/ sterilisation circuit that is fitted with UV light and certain spas add Ozone (O3) to treat the solution. 

The only known issue with float tank therapy when it comes to pregnant mums is the issue of getting in and out of the float tanks which could be a challenge to some expectant mothers. However, most spas would have staff to assist them in and out of the tanks without any untoward incidents.