Asset Global Recovery Reviews Confidence In The “Lockdown” Era And Trust

Asset Global Recovery Reviews Confidence In The “Lockdown” Era And Trust

Washington D.C.: The professionals at Asset Global Recovery (AGR) have seen it all. In 2019, after being hired by a client who lost nearly half a million euros through what appeared to be a brokerage firm in Cyprus, they quickly discovered that the money really went to a small office in Bulgaria. Fast forward a few months and AGR has helped their client to by formulating a settlement in which the small group of young men in Bulgaria agree to pay back more than the initial amount they stole in exchange for their freedom from jail and massive fines (for now).

This story is nothing new for Asset Global Recovery. Since this time last year, the experts of the AGR team have witnessed the recovery of what is estimated to be in excess of several millions of dollars in both cash and physical assets. The reality is that this does not require some vigilante as AGR does all this within The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

According to Asset Global Recovery (AGR), if either the ownership structure, the liability structure, or the funds themselves can be traced there is likely an option to recover the money. It simply requires the right strategy and according to AGR if everyone can act quickly, before too much time has passed since the money was lost, then the possibility of recovering funds is very real. Of course this is only all possible if there is a comprehensive understanding of the global anti-money-laundering (AML) policies, which AGR prides themselves on.

So the real question to ask is “Does the global lockdown change the way pursuing fraud works and does is limit a successful outcome?”. Not at all and according to Asset Global Recovery this is because the institutions that are relevant to pursuing such recovery channels have not and cannot close. So long as the world economy exists so will these channels. Furthermore because most of the fraudulent investments are “offshore”, they’ve already been operating remotely. So no matter how intense or long the global lockdown is it isn’t be considered to be any major challenge. So the question remains: What are the biggest challenges?

Well, certainly one of the biggest challenges is timing. Many victims of fraud hesitate to act on time and it isn’t really a mystery as to why. Naturally, it sounds like there is a lot more work in recovering funds compared to losing them in the first place. Another factor is surely related to the possible traumas of having lost money. Trauma, in nature, can cause one to freeze up from movement and so there’s no reason it doesn’t make some people hesitant due to shock. Lastly, the most frustrating challenge is the fact that some people are unable to swallow the reality that it will require resources and therefor money to recover their money lost too, for example, an unregulated forex company (for example). They are hoping that they can risk their life saving and rely on a firm to front the costs on the bill for getting it back. But as difficult as it may seem, there might be no way around this.

Just like any service oriented business so too does a fraud specialist, PI, attorney, or collections agency have the right to put a value on their work. Asset Global Recovery reviews each claim individually and offers reasonable solutions to someone who’s taken a hard hit because of a bad forex company. In fact AGR says that anyone looking to form a trust chain should understand this and this is what AGR contributes to its recent successes. AGR partner S. Medzwinsky says “We have to be able to trust our clients just as much as they have to be able to trust us in order for a positive outcome on a case. With how negligent we see banks, regulators, and payment entities behaving and effectively allowing so called forex, CFD, or simple shell companies accept so much money from all over the world unchecked, we are essentially going hand in hand with our clients to pursue all fronts. Most cases require an immense amount of time and work from us. So we need to know that they’ll support that work. This all being said, nothing is more exciting than when the settlement comes through and our client calls us to confirm that they’ve received their money back!”.

Asset Global Recovery is a globalized firm with partnerships located all over the world with their headquarters in USA. Asset Global Recovery effectively caters to clients from all over Europe, North America, South America, Oceana, Africa and The Middle East. At Asset Global Recovery (AGR), a solution-oriented team comprises the most elite, ingenious, and dedicated specialists in the field of financial fraud. With the highest level of integrity and expertise that you would expect from a world-class firm and with the utmost care of who you are as an individual, AGR sees cases as more than just a set of circumstances. 

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