AustinTheManager’s Skills In The Music Business Are Unmatched

AustinTheManager’s Skills In The Music Business Are Unmatched

Music has always driven AustinTheManager. The independent, self-made Long Island native has always pushed music to be his home base. As he moves through his life today, AustinTheManager always moves in a way that still keeps music, and its overall importance to him, ahead of everything else.

Though Austin moves through different markets like investing and social media outlets, AustinTheManager still always keeps music involved. Whether it’s creating it or managing it, music is what does it all for him. With the creation and release of his EP, Archives, Austin put hours and hours into this project to show what he’s capable of, as well as, with this being his first official release, what is to come next.

“Archives is my first project so this is my greatest achievement so far as a musician. Being able to work with artists and producers who trusted my opinion and saw my vision is pretty cool considering I’ve never done this before.” Austin said about the project.

Upon its release, Austin moved to celebrate its coming out quickly but then right away turned to create whatever is to come next for Austin. For him, Archives was a long time coming. Whatever is to follow will be more impressive than ever. AustinTheManager is surely a name to keep an eye out for as this year moves forward. With one release already in the books, Austin is on his way to create and master a second one.

Be sure to givethe newest project from AustinTheManager, his EP Archives, a listen through on Spotify here and you can check out and keep up with AustinTheManager daily on Instagram here, watch his personal YouTube channel here, as well as watch his TikTok channel, here.