DAVALENCO The Canadian Recording Artist of Mexican Descent is all set to Introduce Urban Latin Music to Canada

DAVALENCO The Canadian Recording Artist of Mexican Descent is all set to Introduce Urban Latin Music to Canada

Veracruz native singer-songwriter Davalenco is making waves in Canada and internationally with his down to earth, relatable songs. At the age of 20 Davalenco moved from Veracruz, Mexico to Toronto, Canada where he started dancing at a professional level and achieving great success nationally and abroad. Soon after he also decided to take music seriously. We got the opportunity to interview Davalenco social distancing style and found out some interesting details about the entertainer.

Davalenco was born and raised in the port city of Veracruz, Mexico. His grandmother was a naturally good singer and they always had music playing in their house. From an early age he took to it and participated in many music and dance contests starting in primary school and later on entered a national contest where he was runner-up. He continued with his singing until he entered high school and he switched my focus to track and field.

Davalenco’s mother and father had always tried to encourage him to pursue sports, specifically high jump and hurdles, due to the fact that his father was a high jumper and pole vaulter himself and wanted to teach him how to jump and run. In university of course there were different sports disciplines that he had to take courses in. Davalenco did fall in love with track, perhaps given his competitive nature and the fact that he was doing really well at high jump and hurdles within a short time frame. He would train during school hours and then he would come back after school for more training. The track was his second home all throughout high school and university.”

Davalenco went to Universidad Veracruzana where he mastered in sports education with a focus in sprints, high jumps and hurdles. He won “best athlete of the year” for 3 years in a row. He then became national Mexican champion in high jump and also 4X100 meters sprint. This qualified him to compete at the Central American Games in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he met one of his Cuban trainers World Champion Javier Sotomayor.

Having lived for a year in Wisconsin, USA on a university scholarship he always knew he wanted to build his life outside of Mexico. Initially Davalenco was offered a dance instructor position at a dance studio in Toronto. He ended up teaching ballroom and latin american dance at that studio for a few years. Not singing and doing track anymore made him realize how much he missed both and so he slowly began incorporating them into his new life.”

Davalenco would always play guitar and sing covers of various latin songs. Due to the fact that he was also competing professionally in latin dance at the time representing Canada, music and dance were my second nature. If he was not dancing, he was singing and vice versa. Davalenco made a lot of international friends while he was competing all over the world, and most of them were pushing him to make some new latin dance music they could dance to. Their insistence gave him the idea to pursue a career in music.”

His first release was an album entitled “Ritmo Latino” and it was released in 2017. Davalenco wanted to have various latin rhythms on it and so he ended up with some rumbas, bachatas, cha cha chas and sambas. He wrote and composed all the tracks himself and they were geared toward latin dance. Shortly after the album release he teamed up with DJ Ice and they remixed all the tracks so that they had a strict tempo for international dance competitions. Jointly they released the new album entitled “Ritmo Latino Dancesport Remix”.

There was always salsa playing in the house growing up. As well, at that time Jose was very popular in Mexico so he would listen to him a lot – He knew all of his songs. Also Michael Jackson was his  inspiration for both music and dance. Rap was also popular at the time, He remembers watching all those music videos on TV and dancing rap with his friends.”

For the past few years he has really been into urban latin music and reggaeton. He remembers dancing samba to Daddy Yankee’s “Gasolina” and the rhythm was intoxicating. He immediately thought to himself that while making dance music was good, he wanted to share his music with the entire world, not just with people in the dance industry. Because of this, his next few releases were singles in the style of urban latin with reggaeton undertones.

Everything that happens to him in his life, or to a family member or a friend he tries to put it into music. His songs are all about either a personal experience that he has been though or something that a close friend or relative experienced. He tries to make his songs relatable and mostly they are about human relationships, love, betrayal and everything in between.

Davalenco at the moment is working on two singles. Without giving too much away he says that they are quite opposite. One is about love and the other about betrayal.

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