Steph Too Trill Puts His Own Spin On The Music Industry

Steph Too Trill Puts His Own Spin On The Music Industry

For years, musicians have always done the same process over and over by creating what they love for their fans to hear. Steph Too Trill on the other hand takes an interesting approach by doing this in reverse order. He engages in conversations with his listeners, finding out what they like and then basing his music around that.

Starting out, Steph Too Trill has always seemed to be on the trail of what is cutting edge. He got this gift when he first started managing artists in the music industry. With this position, he always had to keep an eye out for the latest trend and hottest sound. Each time he would discover a new trend, he would implement it in his work while still keeping his methods original. Now as an artist, creating what’s hot comes naturally which has been the foundation for his recent success.

While Steph Too Trill would be considered a pioneer by most, he still is known to use inspiration to better cultivate his ideas. One of the artists influenced is Carnage – a respected rapper in the music industry. Steph Too Trill said, “I managed to surround myself with musicians like Carnage who was a huge inspiration as far as his story and success.” Surrounding himself with success has made everything just a little bit easier for Steph Too Trill.

Now that Steph Too Trill has gathered all the tools he needs, he is ready to take the music industry by the horns. With all the talent that he once managed; he has built up virtually every connection possibly needed to become successful. Pairing all this with his music abilities, it would be a safe bet to say Steph Too Trill could be the next leader in music. 

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