Mellow showcased its natural range of products and gift hampers at Goa

Mellow showcased its range of products in Goa for the first time. It took part in a pop up show titled A Steven Village by Shveta Salve and Pia Trivedi recently at W Hotel Goa. Apart from Mellow, the pop featured a line-up of exclusive hand-picked designer wear, a vast range of bags, jewellery, home decor, beauty and skincare from brands that aren’t easily available in the state.

After the event,  Vaishali Sharda, CEO of Mellow, said “We were honoured to showcase our products to the people of Goa. There is a huge demand and interest in Ayurvedic and natural products. At Mellow, Ayurveda is at the heart of everything we do. We successfully exhibited our collection at Steven Village and offered our range of sustainable, Ayurvedic and luxury products at an affordable price under a single roof. There was a lot of inquiry and demand of Mellow products specially for hair and body care products. We thank the people of Goa for welcoming us with open arms.”

Since it is the festive season, Mellow showcased its must have gift hampers at the event. Here are some of the must have gift hampers from Mellow:

Body Care Essentials – Priced at Rs. 1499/-

Mellow brings you a beautiful curation of hydrating body care products encased in a handmade wooden box. It is a perfect gifting idea for your loved ones who are looking to begin their journey of getting closer to nature with Ayurveda. This Diwali, add more joy to the celebration of your loved ones  with Mellow’s green sustainable gift box!

The Hamper includes:-
– Sarson Ubtan 35g
– Green Apple Body Lotion 200ml
– Apricot Body Massage Oil 100ml

– Complementary – Mellow Sanitizer + Cotton Mask 

Each products are available both as a standalone product and as a part of Body Care Essentials.

Mellow brings to you a beautiful curation of its luxurious selection of face care essentials encased in a handmade wooden box. This box has the best selection of cleansing, exfoliating, masking, and moisturizing that everyone can enjoy. It is a perfect gifting idea for your loved ones to hydrate, rejuvenate and soothe their skin. This Diwali, glow from within and make heads turn with Mellow’s green sustainable gift box!

  • Marigold and Mint Face wash 100ml
  • Anti Grease Scrub 120ml
  • Glow Pack 50ml
  • Anti Wrinkle Cream 50ml
  • Lip Treatment 12g
  • Complementary – Mellow Neem Comb+ Mellow Sanitizer + Cotton Mask

Each product are available both as a standalone product and as a part of Face Care Essentials

What if you could gift the best-selling Ayurvedic products to your loved ones? Now you can. Mellow brings you a beautiful curation of their bestselling everyday essential products encased in a special handmade wooden box. This Diwali come close to nature with the Mellow Everyday Essentials.

  • Sesame and Hibiscus Hair Oil 100ml
  • Berry Shampoo 100ml
  • Marigold and Mint Face wash 100ml
  • Lip Treatment 12g

Also included in this box are – Mellow Neem Comb + Mellow Sanitizer + Cotton Mask

Each product are available both as a standalone product and as a part of Face Care Essentials

About Mellow:

Mellow blends the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the care of mother nature. At its core, they believe in the ancient wisdom that the body is a temple and to nurture our body with pure and natural products is an act of gentleness, love, and kindness. Mellow brings together the best of Ayurveda and modern science. The result is best-in-class, purest, and premium Ayurvedic products for all. The journey of Mellow is  Sujata Sharda‘s love for her young daughter that led her on a journey of discovery across Vaidyas (Ayurvedic doctors), botanists, herbal experts to find solutions to her daughter’s hair problem. After many souls searching,  she made the first Sesame hair oil- the hair elixir which wasaninstant success! In 2008, Sujata Sharda laid the foundation of their first factory and thus Mellow was born. It has been13 years since and still, Mellow stands for artificial and chemical-free natural products till date. Apart from selling their products through their official website-, they are also present on leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Smitten, and Qtrove. Their product range caters to all hair and skin care problems faced by all age groups.

Mellow continues to serve its customers through its natural product line inspired by Ayurveda. Their future plan includes taking the brands beyond India. They are planning to launch on Nykaa, Sublime Life, Vanity Wagon, Amazon US, and UAE. They are committed to making Ayurveda accessible for all by bringing the best, purest, and authentic Ayurvedic products to the world.

Find Mellow at:

Mellow Official Website:




Renovate Your Space Using Chandeliers, Ceiling Lights and Pendant Lights

After the renovation of a space and redoing of the walls, the floor and the Ceiling, the next important step is the lighting. There are many forms of luminaires existing in the market from chandeliers, Suspension, Ceiling lamps, Wall lamps, to their various varieties made of metal, wood, glass etc. Each luminary has a different type of light setup and light colors.

The complex framed and centred towards a point, Chandeliers start from a central point and are often represented by a column. Chandeliers can be set with crystals, pendants, glass pendant lights, domes, candle holders etc. depending on which market you are searching in and your requirements.

Hung from the ceiling by the cable, the Rustic Antler Chandeliers play on gravity and give the effect of falling light drops. During the Renaissance it was in high demand and so is the case even today. From homes to company offices to large banquet halls, Chandeliers are a prominent light option not only lending light to the space but also grandeur and design.

The ceiling lights do not have to be hung from the ceiling. They are fixed directly to the ceiling. A ceiling light is not lowered from the ceiling thus no wire and cables are required to place. With the complex and refined frame, this space saving lighting option can have designs from modern and contemporary to industrial, Scandinavian style.

By creating focal points you can completely transform your living space using the pendant lights. Many practical as well as decorative pendant light options are available in the market. There are timeless hanging lights to classic and contemporary styles to choose from depending on the taste and requirement. Pendants can add practicality, style and mood to a room. It is a versatile piece of lighting drawing everybody’s attention.