CEO Ahmad Najar says we help you and we are not partners in your restaurant

CEO Ahmad Najar says we help you and we are not partners in your restaurant

CatchFood is the platform that offers food ordering facilities online since 2015, which is a facility that brands it easy for people to view menus in the browser and applications and gathers as much as possible restaurants whose owners work to find income and life requirements for them.

If you are working in a restaurant or you are a restaurant owner, you will see what the expenses price, necessities, and labor are needed daily to keep your restaurant open to serve your customer. We know that the rate for restaurant purchase expenses is between 25 – 40% except for the second cost of labor wages and electricity and store fees. As the other rest is very small.

Catch Food declares the current market and restaurants are in progress using the online food ordering system, and some of them do not accept this classification permanently, and the reason is the commission is high for the service, and if we see what the percentage of commission costs ranges between 12-32% and this is a high rate compared to the costs of purchases and expenses. However, these facilities have become your second partner in your restaurant with high commission fees.

The site allows shared restaurants on the site, control to track upon requests sent to it by customers over a dashboard that helps you get all the choices for the restaurant without any interruption and waiting for any change in your restaurant, that is, you are the boss of yourself and this settles that the straight communication between the restaurant and the customer offers the opportunity. It is better to understand any mistake that occurs between the customer and restaurant to a minor degree to expose the customer’s loss due to any mix-up of the interference of the third party who does not know where the special error is in the request process between the two parties.

Ahmad A. Najar CEO and founder of CatchFood approves that the facility has become free for the owners of some restaurants in middle east that do not use the online ordering system to support it succeed in its plan and facilitate the ordering system for it better with the technology currently used by visiting a partner with CatchFood page to filling all the information for your restaurant.