CEO Imran Shah of Shah Enterprise NJ makes a prominent mark of his as a self-made multiple business owner.

CEO Imran Shah of Shah Enterprise NJ makes a prominent mark of his as a self-made multiple business owner.

He struggled each day to eventually reach an influential position in his career, turning into an over $100 million businessman.

There are tons of talented beings that have gone ahead in making a unique name for themselves in all that they have ever chosen to lay their hands on. But have all gone ahead in creating an impactful journey of theirs in their careers? Well, there have been only a few who have done that and have stunned people worldwide with the challenges they saw and faced and how they overcame them all, turning them into self-made success stories. A similar such journey has been of CEO Imran Shah of Shah Enterprise NJ, which has grown to be a top business conglomerate operating in varied sectors, making multiple millions annually.

Talking about his journey and struggles, CEO Imran Shah says that he is half from Pakistan and half from Hawaii. His upbringing was filled with adversity. His Pakistani father abandoned him at a very young age and moved back to his native country. Imran and his younger sister were left with their mother. Since their mother could only afford to take care of one child, Imran Shah had to live in a shelter till he turned 21. With many odds stacked against him and no guidance, he was left to fend for himself. He started working at a car dealership and climbed the ranks in sales, going ahead in selling luxury vehicles.

His talent was spotted by a customer, who referred him to an oil and gas business, and this customer turned into his mentor. Imran Shah learned things from him, worked on his shortcomings, and corrected his mistakes, to acquire as much knowledge as possible. He later applied this knowledge to his visions and soon could obtain enough resources and funding to open his first gas station, which would lead to dozens more in the upcoming years. Today, Shah Enterprise has a net worth of $180 million and consists of so many incredible businesses, from Oil Refineries, Gas Stations, and Real Estate to Jet rental services and many more.

Imran Shah is the first generation American-born who built his own enterprise and since then has never looked back. To know more, follow his enterprise’s Instagram account @theshahofnj.