Check out the Benefits Champion Holders Will Enjoy Through Crypto Champions NFT

Check out the Benefits Champion Holders Will Enjoy Through Crypto Champions NFT

Crypto Champions has a total of 8888 one-of-a-kind NFTs in its collection. The collection is composed of high-quality human avatars designed to give you an NFT-like experience while also providing some fun. Rebels and Privileged are the two clans that these avatars belong to. Soldier, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Major are the four ranks that make up each group.

Along with the unique characters, Champions’ Holders get private access to exclusive information, networking events, online masterminds, and guests. Champion Holders can be beneficiaries of strategic alliances formed by Crypto Champions with the who’s who, big movers and stakeholders in NFTs, Cryptocurrency and Metaverse, and Crypto gaming industries.

Since their initial launch, the Crypto Champions team has been giving away from their personally funded $1,000,000 USD prize pool to their community on Discord. Along with this big reward, the platform keeps rewarding individuals on a daily basis who help them grow, share helpful information, and provide exciting, out of the box ideas.

The brand believes that transparency is an important factor in winning their community’s trust.  This is why they are inviting everyone to track the prize pool wallet on Etherscan. While announcing the news to their community on Twitter, the Crypto Champions team shared on Twitter, “We are giving away $1,000,000 to our Discord Community now.  Join our discord now: Transparency is key; you can track everything on Etherscan:…)“.

On their official website, they have also mentioned steps and detailed information on how to be a part of their community. In a statement, they have shared how a person can meet their Champions Community via Discord too. The team shares, “Join now the fast growing community of disrupter and elitists connected all over the world, duelling for power and control.

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